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Thread: cowpooling?

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    I want to get into cowpooling but not totally sure how it works. Can anyone provide some good resources where I can find information on this? Do I pretty much have to have a dedicated freezer to store all the meat? How much on avg. would I be spending at one time? I know buying in bulk saves a ton of money but am a little concerned that meat after a few months in the freezer will have freezer burn or just not taste fresh.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

    ps - If anyone knows what kind of freezer I would need and how big that would be awesome. I already have a huge freezer but don't think all the meat would fit in there. I live in the Seattle, WA area so I'm assuming I have to find someone to go in with me to divide up the meat, correct?

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    You can ask for enough meat to fill a standard top of the fridge freezer. I forgot how much cubic feet that is.

    Some farmers will sell you a 1/4 or 1/2 and they take care of finding someone to sell the rest to.

    I'm also afraid of freezer burn. I think the best you could do would be to ask family and friends if they'd like to do this (you could even split by 6-8 households if no one has a freezer). You guys set a date (say, mid-January?) and people can work on emptying their freezers so they'll have room.

    Since you are in Seattle, I imagine you could easily ask if someone in Craigslist wants to share a cow.
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    I live on the eastside and am planning my cow purchase
    I have a friend who does a couple cows each year for 4H. They are pasture fed (but she says they finish with some grain for flavor - I haven't done any research on that part yet).

    I may or may not go that way as they will be "done" next spring. Can you message me what you find out if anything?

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    yeah, I will do that. I usually just google cowpooling. I live in Kirkland btw.

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