I've received a large amount of organ meats and a gallon of blood last night. I was super pumped. It was handed to me in a large container, all thrown in together and I had to sort through a bunch of bloody organs.
I wanted to make gelatin out of the legs/feet but they were just too muddy to be appetizing, so I chopped off the leg bone and threw the feet (best part to make gelatin) to the dogs, because I have no idea how to get the black hoof part off the actual toes.

Also, received a gallon of fresh blood and made my first home-made blood soup.
I can't get over the eeek factor of drinking raw blood, so it has to go into a stock and simmer for a minute before I turn the heat off. Wish I'd know how to make black pudding.

My freezer is now filled with kidney fat, kidneys, liver, sweetbreads (and some other pinkish gland), heart, eyeballs and brain, stew meat (cut from the head I got for free) and meaty bones for stocks.

I would've never even considered even looking at liver about 2 years ago...this all sure sounds gross but the farmer (who also happens to be a Paleontologist! ) thinks it's awesome, "finally someone who appreciates the value of organ meats".