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Thread: Primal and Kosher Game Night food??? HELP!!

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    Primal and Kosher Game Night food??? HELP!!

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    Hello all!

    I am in serious need of your help. My wife and I are about to host our first game night (board and card, or even Xbox Kinect, not football) and normally we'd have no problem stuffing our guests with all sorts of processed foods but now we are eating Primal and our guests are KOSHER!

    We had them for dinner and things went find because we skipped all meat. Think tons of crackers and cheese, gnocci pasta with sauce, fresh get the processed, wheat-filled idea. Can't do that this time and DO NOT want to force ourselves to cheat.

    Even better is that these friends we are inviting over are VERY interested in the Primal way of life and I would just LOVE to create a lovely game-night food fest of delicious items and be able to say to them "see what you can still eat and be primal, isn't this great?" but I'm still stuck with no ideas.

    Chunks of filet wrapped in bacon? No, no pork products. Shrimp cocktail? No, no shellfish. Can't mix dairy with meat, not unless we separate them by 6-8 hours. UGH.

    HELP!!! Any delicious recipe ideas out there? And you can skip the veggies and dip, already covered.

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    quiche...or mini quiches

    roullades or kebabs

    deviled eggs

    tuna salad wrapped in lettuce

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    Chicken Kabobs--Indian spiced, Curried, Blackened, etc
    Curry Meatballs (beef or poultry) on little skewers served on a bed of greens
    Roasted pumpkin or squash cubes seasoned heavily, on skewers with chicken or beef with the same seasonings, mix in a basil leaf if it fits with the seasoning theme
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    I'm not Jewish myself but have many kosher friends and have cooked for them on many occasions. The easiest thing to do is to go vegetarian And you can include as much dairy as you want if you go vegetarian. If your friends have been following SAD and are not used to full fat dairy products, then I'm sure they'll enjoy a meal that has cream, full fat cheese etc. I would avoid serving meat since it has to be slaughtered according to kosher traditions and kosher meat is usually both expensive and harder to find. If they are very strictly kosher, there will also be restrictions on which kind of fish they can eat. So I would just avoid animal meat entirely and go vegetarian. Some Jews do eat fish and dairy together - maybe check with your friends what kind of fish they eat AND if they eat it with dairy or not.

    Some suggestions:
    Roasted sweet potato wedges with homemade mayonnaise (you can spice up the mayo with garlic, smoked paprika, lemon, herbs etc)
    Cheese & herb stuffed mushrooms
    Kale chips
    Thai coconut milk curry with vegetables

    Full-fat Greek yogurt drizzled with good-quality honey (get some darker-hued fancy honey like chestnut honey or thyme honey) and chopped hazelnuts/walnuts

    ORRRR you could just grab some nice kosher steaks, grill them up, and serve them with olive-oil roasted sweet potatoes and a green salad. I don't know a single person who would turn that meal down
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    Chicken and dairy are allowed, right? Buffalo wings.
    I don't think it would hurt to make a few loaded potato skins with guac.
    Put out the nuts!
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    Don't serve them any type of meat it needs to be butchered a certain way meat poultry etc is out
    Fish is out too
    Serve as suggested above, loads of vegies and be careful with the dairy would have to buy certified kosher's really complicated..
    Starkist Tuna is ok and so is canned salmon with a certificate that it is kosher
    Don't cook anything it should all be cold stuff unless you use new utensils that you have never cooked in before..told you it was complicated...
    Serve nuts, seeds etc...
    If you are near a Jewish deli you can buy ready meats..
    You didn't mention how strict your friends were with eating kosher food. Part of it is that you can not mix dairy with meat. Your best bet is to go with veg and nuts and mention that they can have meats and dairy on the plan. Print Marks food list for them too.
    I am strictly kosher and would be happy to guide them in the primal way of eating if you want to send them my info your welcome to.

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    For low-effort party food, various bite-sized veggies like baby carrots, cauli, broccoli make a nice crunchy substitute for munching on chips. Don't even have to dip them (but you could offer dip if people would like that.)

    Nuts too, as others have suggested.
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    What did you end up doing?

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    What we did

    Well, our friends aren't so strict that they won't eat any meat unless it's kosher so that was helpful...I put out cheese and olives, some hummus and veggies, and then we waited 3-4 hours before eating dinner. They like to wait a few hours to allow their systems to digest before eating meat. So for dinner we did a wonderful prime rib and roasted sweet potatoes.

    We are having them over again the day after New Year's and we're going apps, just meat and veg dinner...probably paleo-friendly chinese from a local place as we'll have spent two whole days cooking, baking, and visiting people and will be exhausted. Once that is over I will most likely be in a food coma and won't eat for a while.

    Thanks for all your suggestions!

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    Oh man, didn't realize Kosher was so complicated! I was gonna say try this recipe I tried for fight night at my place on Friday, its called "Heroin Chicken" and I used it to make wings but I added curry to the spices and it was definitely decent! I would recommend cooking it higher than 350 though.

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