Hello all!

I am in serious need of your help. My wife and I are about to host our first game night (board and card, or even Xbox Kinect, not football) and normally we'd have no problem stuffing our guests with all sorts of processed foods but now we are eating Primal and our guests are KOSHER!

We had them for dinner and things went find because we skipped all meat. Think tons of crackers and cheese, gnocci pasta with sauce, fresh bread...you get the processed, wheat-filled idea. Can't do that this time and DO NOT want to force ourselves to cheat.

Even better is that these friends we are inviting over are VERY interested in the Primal way of life and I would just LOVE to create a lovely game-night food fest of delicious items and be able to say to them "see what you can still eat and be primal, isn't this great?" but I'm still stuck with no ideas.

Chunks of filet wrapped in bacon? No, no pork products. Shrimp cocktail? No, no shellfish. Can't mix dairy with meat, not unless we separate them by 6-8 hours. UGH.

HELP!!! Any delicious recipe ideas out there? And you can skip the veggies and dip, already covered.