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Thread: primal powerlifting

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    primal powerlifting

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    I just had a friend of mine who's 17 year old, 150# son is doing powerlifting and asked me for what foods he should be eating. Obviously I'm going to recommend whole foods and good starchy carbs like sweet potatoes and rice. However, I also want to give good advice on pre/post workout food consumption. My understanding is mainly protein and some carbs and fat pre-workout and protein, high (starchy) carbs with low fat post workout. Is this a good plan for power lifting? Supplements? Thanks!
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    In all honesty, it really doesn't matter that much if he's eating good clean food sources that's 90% of the battle won right there. You're going to encounter so many different POVs here, many people eat nothing pre-workout, others find that sacrilegious, both perform about equally.

    That being said, you basically got it down. The question is, will a 17 year old care to do such a thing? I would focus on the clean food sources first and foremost. I suppose 17 is old enough to start caring, especially if he's got real athletic aspirations in power lifting.

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    Agree with Iniquity and also would add that he needs to eat. A LOT.

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