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Thread: Uncooperative appetite

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    Uncooperative appetite

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    I have noticed recently that my appetite has gone a bit weird. I seem to have become quite averse to any green or orange veg. A pile of broccoli or some carrot soup instantly kills my appetite whereas it was fine a month ago.
    The same applies to dry/lean meat. Fried salmon is a no go whereas smoked is fine.
    Hardboiled eggs are fine, but anything else produces issues.
    Coconut milk is fine in stuff, but hard work gulping down on it's own.
    At first i thought this was down to some hidden gluten, but it's kept going despite being extra careful.

    So do I listen and trust my body to tell me what it wants or keep trying to feed it a variety of stuff? I'd happily live off broth, curries and cottage pie at the moment.

    FYI stuff:
    30, female, 52kg, trying to gain weight so some quantities of rice and potato are still on the menu some days. I take a multivitamin and a mineral/D3 supplement as well.

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    ahhhh...potatoes... i see why the cottage pie is still on the menu then

    Honestly, if it were me, i'd follow my body's cues - as long as you are meeting your nutrient requirements all should be grand.....

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    Hi SleepyRoots,
    It almost sounds like you're pregnant!! I agree with Alainneire, I would trust my body to tell me what it wants as long as I am meeting the necessary nutritional requirements. Otherwise I would step in by feeding a variety of stuff (as you put it), especially of the primal kind, of course.

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