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Thread: Any risks in eating too much organ meat (liver, heart)?

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    My local bison farmer (grass-fed and organic, of course!) sells the organ meats at rock bottom prices. I want to know if there are any dangers of eating too much liver or heart.

    Michael Eades discusses the zinc-copper ratio, saying we generally don't get enough copper (comes from liver), but are there dangers of getting too much from eating liver?

    What makes me a bit worried about eating a lot of organ meat is that hunter-gatherers would have eaten the whole animal and gotten a balanced mix of muscle and organ meats. (On the other hand, insofar as liver was considered a delicacy, the tribe leaders might have had first dibs on it and eaten quite a bit.)

    Any thoughts?

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    Another potential risk that jumps out at me is gout.

    From wikipedia:

    "Foods high in purines

    * Limit food high in protein such as meat, fish, poultry, or tofu to 8 ounces (226 grams) a day. Avoid entirely during a flare-up.[citation needed] Tofu has been proposed as a safe source of protein for gout patients due to its small and transient effect on plasma urate levels.[56]

    * Sweetbreads, kidneys, liver, brains, or other offal meats."

    The general precautions against quality meat consumption above 8oz/day are certainly debatable (along w/ many of the other dietary recommendations listed), but I have heard many stories of people who have consumed liver frequently and who got slammed w/ gout.

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