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Thread: Having fun (but not primal)

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    I have been reading Rusty Moore's blog (Fitness BlackBook) for over 1 years now and was recently redirected to MDA.

    I have been reading up on PB exercise (PB still makes me think peanutbutter every now and then) and to run fast for a bit (sprints), walk for a longer period of time and lifing something heavy is all very Grok. However, I LOVE body combat. I know its not technically PB but I don't care. It makes me smile it makes me happy and I'm not as grumpy after staring at myself in a mirror trying to punch as hard as I can.

    What I mainly wanted to say here is that I think that exercise that you enjoy and have fun with should be encouraged (as long as its not being done obsessively).

    So go and do something you love doing every once in a while, even if it may not be stricly PB : )

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    I don't think anyone would disagree. If you're out moving and doing something you love, then do and feel good about doing it.

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    Thalia, I too love Body Combat soo much and Body Jam is my favourite. I think your right, if you enjoy it and it doesn't become obsessive then it's fine. I think a lot of the les mills guys do those classes like 3 or so in a row which is crazy to me!

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    Jpippenger's got the right idea. It's fun, works up a sweat, uses many muscle groups, it's Primal. It only slips out of the Primal zone (and into the "constant cardio" zone) if it's the only thing you do and you do it 6 days a week.

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    Can we add inline skating to the list? (I'm sure Grok would have loved skating--provided he could find a smooth surface). Wheeee!

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    Hahaha, id have to agree skating is super fun.

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    Never heard of "Body Combat", but I know when I was actively studying martial arts (various styles) I experienced the greatest "high" when I was sparring...whether I had the upper hand or was on my back, enduring a beating.

    "Combat" for me was a rush.

    I learned a lot.

    I moved a lot.

    I FELT a lot.

    It was awesome!

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