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Thread: Primal Journal (LostinthePines)

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    Primal Journal (LostinthePines)

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    Ready, Set GO! Hi anyone who happens by!

    I officially staredt the Leptin Rx today. Just discovered it this weekend so I'm still learning, but I think I've got a good enough handle on it. It will truly take me months to read that thread! My only concern is the fact that I get up at 4:30am. I'll make it work, though.

    Day 1: 188 lbs (5'3) FBS 88
    BF 4:50
    30 min: Yes
    2 pan fried boneless, skinless chicken thighs cooked in coconut oil
    1 c broccoli with grass fed butter
    decaf w/ hwc
    Lunch 11:45
    Leftover chicken
    raw cheddar cheese
    1 sm (pickling) cucumber
    2 brazil nuts
    Dinner 4:30
    Leftover chicken
    raw cheddar cheese
    1 sm cucumber

    When my cheese is gone, I won't replace it. Probably not the hwc, either. Having a hard time figuring out what to eat at the moment.

    Downloaded the software to dim my laptop background as the sun goes down. Pretty cool!

    Tried to make my room darker last night. Will have to work on that. Also, I am on Synthroid, 25 mcg/day. I tried to switch to bedtime yesterday so that I could eat breakfast right after I wake up, but the stuff kept me awake, I think. Laid awake until after 10 & then woke up several times. I won't take it tonight and will maybe take it an hour before lunch tomorrow. Dunno...have to figure that one out.

    Have had blood drawn to test for Celiacs. Should know in a day or two. I have had mild vitiligo for probably 15 years.

    DX Hashimotos May 2010 Started on Synthroid 50mcg. Last Ultrasens TSH .05 and I feel SO much better. Switched to 25 mcg in Nov.
    Ult S. TSH 2.8 May 2010; .436 July 2010 .05 Nov 2010
    Total Cholesterol 299 March 2010; 227 Nov 2010. HDL 72 to 64
    A1c 5.8 March 2010; 6.0 Nov. 2010
    Vit D 38 March 2010

    I played with the L-Rx yesterday and didn't feel like eating all day after the BAB. Will see how different protein sources stick with me. Official day 1 was easy peasy.
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    Day 2: FBS 81 woohoo!
    BF 4:45 Yes
    Ribeye & eggs
    BS 1 hr PP 104
    BS 2 hr PP
    Salmon, green beans w/ butter
    black olives
    2 brazil nuts & 1 T slivered almonds
    1 slice bacon
    black olives
    homemade turkey broth from free range turkey

    easy again
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    Day 3 Forgot my glucose meter at work, and again today. doh!
    BF 5:00 Barely
    Sausage, eggs, bacon
    a little bit of a salad (meetings with laywers-blech)
    Dinner 4:45 too late
    leftover eggs
    cucumber and celery

    didn't get enough to eat because of the meetings. tomorrow is the deposition, another challenging food day. wasn't really hungry though.

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    Day 4 BS good the one time I checked it today. I remembered to bring the meter home so I'll get back on that tomorrow.
    BF 4:45 yes
    1 C Broccoli w/ butter
    little bit of leftover bacon/sausage/eggs
    Lunch oops...handful of macadamia nuts
    Dinner opps X 2 macadamia nuts.

    I was being grilled by a lawyer for 3 hours---stress, stress, stress. The nuts were the best I could do. I forgot my lunch at home.

    Not terribly hungry. Haven't been tempted to cheat at all. I'm able to go until 11am, take my Synthroid, and then an hour later, lunch.
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    Day 5 BS 87
    BF 4:45 yes
    eggs, sausage, bacon, celery
    steak, mac nuts, celery, cucs, black olives,
    homemade coconut milk-did not raise my BS, but tummy not so great. about 1 cup + added coco oil.

    I think i forgot to eat anything else at dinner? maybe a few pieces of celery. jeez. this is crazy! i think i have tomorrow planned out better. Will be in a seminar all day & Sunday, too.

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    Day 5

    Day 5 FBS 81
    BF 5:45 yes
    grass fed ground beef patty, eggs
    raw cheddar cheese, celery, cucs, 2 brazil nuts, black olives
    home made chicken soup, mostly broth with bits of kale, mac nuts, black olives

    I need to go to the store!!

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    Day 6 FBS 84
    BF 5:45 yes
    sausage, scrambled eggs
    cheddar cheese, black olives, deli turkey, no preservatives, etc. (Hormel)
    same thing, minus the turkey. I meant to have a few mac nuts each time and forgot.

    Finally got to the store. I have two awesome salads waiting for me for lunch and dinner tomorrow. They look great!
    Took my first dose of magnesium tonight. (Natural tranquility) My blood sugar went up to 94. ?? I'll try to take it closer to dinner tomorrow and see what happens.

    Overall, I'm very happy with the program so far!

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    Day 7 FBS 78!! That's pretty incredible. Weight 185.4 Down 2.5 lbs the first week. I'm much less bloated.
    BF 4:45 yes
    sausage, eggs, chicken
    Lunch nice salad with greens, red bell pepper, cuc, bacon, hb egg, chicken
    Dinner same salad only smaller, black olives

    Feeling pretty good! Blood sugar has been great. I've been using a spreadsheet that I got somewhere on the net that supposedly calculates A1c. My last blood test was 6.0. Per the calculations, I'm down to 5.37 now. We'll see how accurate it is. ALSO!! Blood test for Celiacs was negative!! She said everything was in the 'normal' range. Don't know what that means, she is going to mail them to me. I'm still not going to eat wheat. It's shocking how much better I feel if I don't. So I'm not going to do that to myself anymore.

    I'm SO thrilled to have found LR. I was really drawn to IF ala Fast-5 but started feeling really bad on it. Right about the time of the Hashi's DX. I think now that I will eventually get there but with eating in the morning, not fasting in the morning. I could almost do it now. My lunch and dinner are pretty light and I have no trouble not eating between meals. It's definitely the key to removing the obsession with food. Not sure the reasons behind it, but I get it involves brain chemicals.

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    Day 8 FBS 79
    BF 4:45 yes
    sausage, eggs
    Salad: greens, cuc, red bell pepper, hb egg, bacon, chicken
    Forgot to grab it when I left work so all I had was some macadamia nuts.

    I feel SOOOO GOOD

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    Day 9 FBS 84
    BF 4:45 yes
    sausage, eggs, chicken
    Lunch salad, greens bacon, hb egg, chicken red bell pepper, cuc,
    dinner chicken celery, cuc, cheese

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