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Thread: Primal Journal (LostinthePines)

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    Bf 8 oz GF ribeye, bone-in, 1 med & 1 sm brazil nut, coco manna
    lunch black olives coco manna, little bit of celery & cucs
    Dinner Billy BBQ-yum! pork spare ribs, no sauce, brisket, sausage
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    BF Brisket, port ribs, sausage, homemade GF bone broth
    Lunch skipped
    Dinner bits of leftover bbq, bone broth, 2 c broccoli w/ ghee, 2 sm brazil nuts
    epsom salt bath before bed, worked in the garden today and a little sore
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    179.6 hmm
    bf 8 oz salmon & about 15 med shrimp
    lunch bone broth, coco manna 1/2 tsp hagen das choco ice cream. 2 sm brazil nuts starving!
    dinner burger patty, dill pickle, swt potato w/ cinnamon & ghee, broccoli

    I've been feeling like I need more carbs. I haven't been good about eating any veggies. Lets see what the swt pot does.
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    180.4 grr
    BF GF ground beef patty, about 8 oz
    Lunch salad w/ salmon pouch
    Dinner Panda Express ! chicken green bean something or other. fried rice, maybe 1/4 c. blood sugar still 122 2 hrs pp.
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    180 FBS 85
    BF 8 oz GF ground beef, 2 sm brazil nuts, coco manna
    Lunch bone broth, coco manna
    Dinner ground beef patty, box organic frozen green beans
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    BF gound beef patty, coco manna, 2 sm brazil nuts
    Lunch Indian food out, no naan but after I had eaten a few wings, I wondered if they were breaded. feel ok, though. Haven't been there since November and then when I did, the last several times I felt awful afterward. I think my gut is healing, not that I will intentionally eat grains again, but good to know they don't make me sick any more.
    Dinner bone broth
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    179 interesing FBS 82
    BF GF Ribeye, coco manna
    Lunch sashimi (salmon) pickled ginger, 85% chocolate, kale chips (went to whole foods--Austin)
    dinner few raw veggies, more kale chips and chocolate, coco manna
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    177.6 woo-hoo! did a salt load this am. i had intuitively been doing something similar when i remembered--adding up to 1/2 tsp sea salt to a big glass of water when i woke up. really energizing. I've slept trough the night 3 times this week. probably would have last night except there was a thunderstorm that woke me up. yay!

    BF 8 oz salmon, sm beef patty 8-ish
    Lunch STARVING, had to eat at 1, was hoping i'd get to 2 or 3; can sardines, bacon (lots) dark choolate
    Dinner T coco manna, mostly oil
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    177.6 woke up a couple of times last night, room got cold. into the 30's last night.
    BF: smallish GF rib eye cooked in coco oil, 3 strips bacon, 3/4 c broccoli w/ ghee, 2 sm brazil nuts, 3/4" slice local organic orange, coco manna, green tea. trying to eat enough to get me into mid-afternoon
    BS 1 hr PP 91 (not sure what the orange will do)
    BS 2 hr PP 89
    Was hungry within 2 hours of eating breakfast
    Lunch shrimp cooked in CO and ghee, bacon, broccoli, 1/4 c sweet potato w/ ghee 85% chocolate
    Dinner (really hungry again) 4 oz gf ground beef patty cooked in CO. Big spoon of CO w/ a little manna, 2 brazil nuts

    Cooked pastured chicken bones in crock pot (24+ hrs) with a piece of kombu dropped in for a while near the end. Sea salt and a little thyme. Will add CO as I eat it.

    Getting hungry about 2 hours after eating. The weight is dropping slowly so I think it's legitimate hunger, but not sure why it has kicked up now. I had no appetite, really, until this last week. I seem to want carbs, but not junk. Going for sweet potato and dark chocolate. Also, this last week I slept throught the night 3 times and have been warming up. I have taken my sweater off at work (unusual) and also am not wearing my heavy sweater and socks to bed.
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    BF GF burger patty, sausage
    Lunch sausage broccoli swt potato w/ ghee & cinnamon
    Dinner gluten free buffalo wings w/ a little bit of ranch dressing, few celery sticks.

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