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Thread: Primal Journal (LostinthePines)

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    BF 2 oz sausage, 1/2 can sardines, 4 oz smoked salmon, kraut, chicken broth
    Lunch 4 oz GF ground beef patty, kraut, broccoli, ghee, CO, coco manna
    Dinner brazil nuts
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    BF 2 oz sausage, 1 GF ground beef patty, can sardines
    Lunch 2 GF ground beef patties, kraut, brazil nuts
    Dinner chicken broth, chicken, box organic frozen green beans
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    BF, 6.5 oz GF sirloin steak, 2.5 oz shrimp, both cooked in CO and ghee, coco manna
    Lunch 3 oz chicken, 2 oz sausage, 4 sm brazil nuts
    Dinner 3 oz chicken, 2 oz sausage, couple mac nuts
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    BF shrimp cooked in ghee, can sardines, 2 sm brazil nuts, GF beef broth coco manna
    Lunch/Dinner chicken, bacon from Slankers, coco manna
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    Weight 178
    BF 4 small chicken thighs w/out skin (ate that yesterday) 2 oz cooked bacon, pastured, uncured, coco manna
    Lunch/dinner 4-5 oz primal ground beef, CO, 1.5 cups local chem free brocolli with ghee, coco manna
    1/2 tsp CO about 2 hrs before bed. ravenous.
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    BF 8 oz primal ground beef cooked in CO. extra big spoonful of manna. trying to up my CO intake.

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    BF 5 oz primal ground beef, beef broth, sausage
    Lunch roast flank steak, non-starchy veggies
    Dinner rest of flank steak, few veggies

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    BF sausage, can sardines, 3 sm brazil nuts
    lunch coco manna--didn't want to go out for lunch
    dinner chicken curry w/ 1/3 c rice
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    BF sausage coco manna 3 sm brazil nuts
    Lunch Salad, greens, cucs, carrot shreds, pouch salmon, black olives, co manna
    Dinner primal ground beef patty, black olives, carrots, cucs, sm spoon co manna
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    BF bacon, sausage, 3 sm brazil nuts, coco manna

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