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Thread: Primal Journal (LostinthePines)

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    BF shrimp, scallops, chicken
    Lunch chicken, green-ripe olives (weird!) cucs, raw carrots
    Dinner chicken, olives, cucs, raw carrots, deli bison, few mac nuts

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    BF Chicken, can sardines, can smoked oysters, both in OO a few bacon crumbles
    Lunch salmon, artichokes, cucs
    dinner restaurant, lettuce, carrot shreds, blk olives, beet bits, no dressing; rib eye, sauted veggies. forgot about the butter on them. had a belly ache after, ate about 1/2 tossed the rest
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    Forgot to log yesterday:

    BF chicken, shrimp not enough!!
    Lunch GF rib eye, artichokes spoon CM
    Dinner Chicken, shrimp CM
    Was hungry today. not sure if I just didn't eat enough for breakfast or if it was last night's mistake.

    BF steak, shrimp, chicken, homemade pastured chix broth, no fat, solid gelatin
    Lunch chicken celery cucs carrots coco manna olives
    Dinner chicken olives veggies above
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    BF 2 GF ground beef patties, chicken broth, brazil nut, coco manna
    Lunch chicken, celery, cucs, carrots, coco manna
    Dinner chicken, chicken broth manna

    I'm definitely in a rut. Need to do something quick! (like get some more GF beef!)
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    BF Chicken, shrimp, 3 sm brazil nuts
    Lunch burger patty dry lettuce shredded carrots
    Dinner chicken coco manna
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    BF Salmon, canned oysters, artichokes
    Lunch pouch tuna in water, olives, coco manna sm cuc
    Dinner chicken broth, olives, slider burger patty w/ slice of dill pickle, 3 buffalo chicken wings, no breading, iced tea

    Had to go out for work again--happy hour. VP wanted to congratulate us all for year end. did ok, i think, not feeling any ill effects like last Saturday.
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    Still feeling good this morning. Belly noticeably less bloated, not sure why, but upped BioKult to 2 caps a day and added Kyolic digestive formula, 2 a day and a spoonful of locally made fresh kraut at least 1 time a day for the last few days. forgot to add that to my food log. think of it more as a supplement.

    BF GF ribeye, 3 forks of kraut coco manna
    Lunch salad, greens, spinach, 3 oz can tuna, coco manna, 3 sm brazil nuts
    Dinner black olives mac nuts coco manna

    Stopped at the store and got some more GF steaks and some pastured chicken leg qtrs, but not enough. Have to place my order this weekend with Slankers.

    Got latest US TSH, 2.37. ugh. I have been noticing that I'm more tired during the day and have had that blah feeling periodically. Doc thought it was fine, I said, no, lets try 1 1/2 pills of 25 mcg a day rather than 1. 50 was a little too much, I was having some anxiety at night, when my TSH dropped to .5. I'm not sure if it's the dosage drop or if it's because I now take it 5 hrs after breakfast now, 1 hr before lunch. It seems like that should be long enough, maybe not. I used to take it right after I woke up, 1 hr before breakfast, but can't do that with Leptin reset. I'm reconsidering that, the eating within 30 minutes of waking up. I am unable to do all the other things such as wake with and look at the sun. I'm reading up on Ron Rosedale's Leptin ideas, that might be more workable. Haven't decided yet.
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    Did a premature (for Whole 30) weigh in this am. 180.?6. That's great! I'm averaging 2 lbs a week. I'll take it!

    BF GF rib eye, fresh kraut, 3 sm brazil nuts, coco manna
    Lunch Scallops shrimp, kraut, box organic green beans, ghee, coco manna (14g carbs) BS 1 hr pp 103; 2 hr pp 80. Nice!!
    Dinner can of sardines in OO, sm pickling cuc, kraut
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    Couldn't resist weighing myself and measuring. 179.6 and down in measurements, which I first took 5 weeks ago. I dropped from 41" to 35" in my below the bust measurement. I measured 3 times and had 3 previous weeks to compare to. astounding. It's those fat pads on my back, I guess! And I did notice the other day that I do, in fact, have ribs! I felt it the lower ribs, even though I'm still bloating out right below and to the center. That was a weird discovery. It's been a long time since I've noticed my ribs. Yay!

    I'm going to try to log portion sizes for most stuff.

    BF Salmon 8 oz. fried in coco oil, 1/2 c artichokes, 1 1/2 T additional coco manna
    Lunch/Dinner Shrimp/scallops/mussels medley, cooked in CO and ghee. about 7 ounces cooked. some chicken skin that I cooked for later in the week. 1/3 c kraut, 1 1/2 T coco manna

    BF was late because I tried to sleep in so I wasn't ready for lunch at lunch time. I may be hungry before going to bed!

    For future reference, I have a jar of coconut manna that came solid and with the oil on top. I didn't stir it, I just take a tablespoon and scoop down far enough to get about 3/4 oil and 1/4 manna. When the oil is gone, I heat up coco oil from my regular jar and pour that on top, to about an inch thick. That lowers the carbs, gives me more oil, and yet I get the great "manna" taste. Not sure what I'll do if it liquifies this summer!

    Placed my order with Slankers. They were out of a few things that I wanted. Will try to get some pastured lard more local.
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    1/16 BF 7 oz GF sirloin, sm sausage pattty, 2 oz, kraut
    Lunch leftover sirloin, shrimp, scallops, 3 sm brazil nuts, kraut
    Dinner chicken, mac nuts

    1/17 FBS 75!!! haven't seen that in I don't know how long.
    BF 4.5 oz sausage, 1 can sardines, 1.5 c broccoli w/ghee, chix broth w/ coco oil, 3 sm brazil nuts, kraut
    Lunch burger patty, lettuce a little balsamic vinegar
    Dinner chix broth w/ coco oil, mac nuts
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