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Thread: PrimalCon - The Ultimate Primal Blueprint Experience

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    PrimalCon has landed!

    Read the PrimalCon blog post here:

    Read the event details/agenda here:

    View the accommodations here:

    Register here:

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    Karen DeCoster's Avatar
    Karen DeCoster Guest


    I've been looking for an excuse to visit friends in Burbank - could this be the perfect excuse? An ocean? (I'm a Great Lakes'er.) Frisbee, too? Sun? Warm? And the promise of no afternoon snack plates loaded with sugar disguised as muffins? And no tacky buffets with cheese sauce and ranch dressing for burying the over-cooked veggies? And dinner will have *real* meat? Wow. This could be my unexpected dream trip for 2010.....

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    Mom2DisneyGirl's Avatar
    Mom2DisneyGirl Guest


    Mark- This is excellent. My husband and I are new to primal (about 3 months). I was wondering if there was any kind of conference like this! Love that you made sure the food is going to be all organic! I'm with you Karen...this is a great Spring vacation!!!!

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    I hope both of you can make it. The more the merrier!

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    Aug 2009
    Helena, MT


    Mark, I am very excited about the PrimalCon! I think it's a fantastic idea and perfect timing for myself, having started the primal living in August during the primal challenge. This'll be the perfect way for me to reinforce what I've been absorbing through your blog and through experience since having started the PB. I look forward to meeting you in person!

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    I look forward to meeting you too, shalon! I'm glad to hear it's perfect timing. I think a lot of attendees may be in the same boat as you - people that need a little reinforcement and motivation. I can guarantee that PrimalCon will provide solid doses of both. Grok on!

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    PJ Guest


    I'm an Air Force Dietitian out in germany ... routing a TDY request slip this week. Crossing fingers.

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    kjake55's Avatar
    kjake55 Guest


    Sadly, it's not an event I'll be able to attend. Will there be a recap or something on the website afterwards? Maybe I can experience it vicariously!

    Well, have fun all. I'm sure it will be a worthwhile experience for everyone who is able to attend.

    Grok On!

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    Aug 2009


    Too bad I live on the other side of the planet (well might not be the other side, but still a long way to go!)

    My place is in the very center of Europe, so I guess I am speaking for a lot of groks here that you must promise us to come to Europe once at least!

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    PJ - I hope you can make it, PJ!

    kjake55 - We'll likely have some pictorial coverage of the event on MDA but lectures almost certainly won't be published for free.

    claude512 - Whether we have one in Texas, the midwest, the east coast, Miami, Australia or Europe (a few of the places that have been requested so far) will depend on the success of this first event. I hope it does well so we can keep doing them!

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