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Thread: Primal Journal (stinkycheese)

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    Primal Journal (stinkycheese)

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    I started December 2, so today is day 10 and I guess I will start a journal.

    B. a small handful of blueberries
    L. An enormous split chicken breast, 2 hardboile deggs.
    S. 2 hb eggs
    D. 9 dried figs, 3 handfuls of nuts, 10 or so slices of salami
    I have been sedentary except during the summer months for a few years and when I started I weighed 239 pounds. I will start some exercise tonight and weigh tomorrow to get an update.

    I'm interested in the journaling thing. If I workout, I'll add it here.
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    231. that is my weight and it is day 11. 8 pounds in 11 days. I'm ok with that!

    B: 3 dried figs
    L: Primal chili, 3 hb eggs
    D: primal chili, 3 hb eggs.

    I'm finding that nuts and fruits don't help me lose weight and can trigger more cravings, so i'm going to stick with more meat and vegetables and lay off the nuts and fruits for the most part. Yesterday I didn't exercise. My goal today is to exercise in any form, however that may be.

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