I've lurked for a while, and read everything I can, but never posted. I've been following PB for about 2 years now - it really is the best choice, and I know it makes me feel better than other ways of eating. I've deviated for social reasons and allowed excuses to creep in, but most of that has had to do with lacking a goal - I'm a goal-oriented kind of guy, I guess.

With that said, I've signed up for the Toronto Tough Mudder in August of 2012, and I want to finally switch my body over to permanently fat-burning by then. I also need to improve my general fitness levels if I want to be able to finish the 11 mile race. I also need to figure out how the heck I'm going to navigate the last obstacle, which is a field of live wires and kind of freaks me out.

I will also be doing the Warrior Dash in July in Barrie as a warm up.

In terms of training, I'm planning on following Crossfit Football (which I've been doing for the last few weeks and really enjoy) along with some additional cardio. I used to run marathons, but have transitioned away from that and really don't go much farther than 5k anymore, so the distance is something I need to work up to. I plan on doing two longer runs a week, aiming to keep my heart-rate low (i'm not looking for PR's, just cover the distance and get the mitochondria working). I'll also be doing the sprint work as outlined by CFFB.

The point of the Journal is public accountability. I have a pretty busy life (two jobs, a wife and son), and I let that become an excuse too often. The journal is here for me to post to it publicly and hopefully shame me into sticking with it. I've found I work better like that. Realistically, I expect my wife to be the only one to read it, but if you find it interesting and want to post, feel free.