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Thread: Kefir Uses

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    Kefir Uses

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    I just started a water kefir using some kefir grains and am wondering how to use it to make something other than just the water. The first batch fizzed when I poured it to strain the grains back out and start another batch. Since this batch should be good and fizzy in about a day, I had some questions for the kefir vets:

    1) Once strained, are there still cultures in the water or are they only in the grains?

    2) If I wanted to ferment some canned beans that I had uncanned and washed thoroughly, could I use the strained water or do I need the grains in contact with the beans in order to ferment them?

    3) Any idea how much of the sugars get broken down? In other words, is drinking the stuff going to spike insulin?

    4) Any favorite recipes?

    Thanks all!

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    Coconut Kefir
    This makes a thick yogurt-like custard.

    If you have fresh coconut available, puree the meat and the water together until it is smooth.
    Otherwise use a commercial coconut milk.

    Combine the milk and the kefir, cover with a cloth and let stand overnight at room temperature.

    Transfer to jars and move to the fridge.

    After 2-3 days it will thicken into custard and should be eaten.

    The 'starter' can be saved and re-used about 7 times before it wears out.

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