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Thread: still no weight loss, pls read page

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    Unhappy still no weight loss, pls read

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    Been doing the primal for about one month and I have not lost a pound. I feel a million times better than I did before. I don't crave anything, anything at all. I can pass up chocolate without batting my eye, I don't even feel like doing holiday baking and it's not b/c I'm afraid to cheat and eat some. I just don't want my family to eat that stuff either. My mood is better, I don't even have PMS anymore. I sleep so much better as well but I really want to lose weight. I have been big my whole life. I am 5'4" and 220 lbs. I have a huge middle on me, no backside to speak I just want to wear normal clothes. I want to be around 150 or less. I know that still puts me as overweight but I would feel better than I do now. I'm a medic as well and I have been working real hard to prepare meals ahead and sometimes I have to eat a cold steak and room temp green beans but I do it and even though it doesn't taste the best I am full and satisfied after. I am just so discouraged to keep trying but I really don't know how I would eat if I didn't eat this way. I'll never go back to breads, pasta's and baked goods again. I don't want to feel that way again. what else can I do to see some pounds go away?

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    I also am new to the primal lifestyle and I am loving it and feeling satisfied. My suggestion would be to track how many calories you are taking in. Try cutting out 100 calories a day for the next week and see what that does for you. Are you following the Primal Fitness routine? Don't give up. The fact that you have been able to stick to it for a month and you are feeling satisfied is wonderful. Good luck.

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    Exercise! You don't have to knock yourself out. Just start with some walking. Have you checked out the PB Fitness ebook?

    I have a big salad every day at lunch w/boiled egg, bacon, and cheese on top. I don't refrigerate it (it sits for 5 hours in my desk drawer), and I don't have to reheat anything. Very convenient.

    Don't get discouraged. This time of year, it's an accomplishment to not gain anything. :-)

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    I would suggest taking photos of yourself.
    Then take another set a month later and repeat.
    There may not always be a big change in body weight but with the exercise your shape will change. Patience and enjoy how good you are feeling.

    PS try tracking your food for a bit and make sure you are under 100 carbs a day.
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    everybody is different and it is typically harder for women to lose but the thing is if you arent losing its still likely due to something you are eating (or possibly not eating).

    id say really concentrate of keeping tabs of what you are eating, i bet there is something there that is hurting you. for me it was the handful a day of almonds i was eating. totally stalled my weight loss. for other people its dairy. also figure out how much fat and protein you are eating, as too little of each of those has an effect on weight loss, especially in the beginning
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    Nuts and dairy will pack the weight on because it's a mixture of fat and carbs.
    Nuts are also imcomplete proteins and will increase appetite overall. Dairy has growth factors that will stimulate to grow not to lose...that also counts for the fat.
    How about a Leptin reset? Intermittened Fasting? Did you cut out vegetable oils completely?

    I do not recommend calorie counting as someone suggested above, that is a bad start into primal. It is something you're eating daily that is stalling your weight loss.

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    I didn't lose any weight the first 4-5 weeks.
    Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.

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    hey girl, I also am a paramedic. I understand the food dilemma. I have friends that are also doing the Primal lifestyle and they bring veggies for snacks in the unit and bring sandwiches made with sliced meats and lettuce with sliced cucumbers using the lettuce as the "bread". Also keep a sandwich bag of almonds handy. Good luck.

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    It can be helpful to post what you eat on a typical day, too. Sometimes people can be eating something that doesn't seem significant but really is.
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    At your height/weight I'd suggest the Leptin-reset, or applying elements of the reset. Basically a big brekkie and no snacking in between meals. Watch the fruits and nuts too.

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