I was just thinking of different types of workouts and training and I was wondering on your opinion on this workout.

It's just a rough idea so far but it makes use of the big 3 compound lifts, the deadlift, squat and benchpress. The routine is broken into 3 phases and it's a 3 times a week workout.

Phase 1) 10min- warm up, mobility, stretching etc.

Phase 2) Compound left: Deadlift (or squat or bench)

3,4,5x5 (however you see fit)

Phase 3) Circuit workout. Since in this case, you did the dead lift, the circuit might consist of exercises that might not put to much strain on your already worked out muscles. Same goes for the rest of the workouts.

I dont know enough to write down a proper circuit but you get the idea.

Each workout is a compound lift followed by a bw or lightweight circuit.

What do you guys think??