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Thread: Would this be a good workout?

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    Im 17, dont want to go to a gym, just want to do homeworkouts.

    I have a pull-up bar and some dumbells.

    I was thinking just, pushups, pull-ups, chin-ups, chair dips, squats, lunges, burpees etc.
    My goals? get a good body, gain strength, get fit.

    Obviously, im not going to get the kind of strength and muscle gains that come with heavy lifting, but hey? I like body weight stuff.

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    just quit thinking about it and actually start doing it

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    What Mike Gager said ....

    and keep a log so you know if you are progressing.
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    I just did a workout. A pyramin of chin-ups, pushups and squats. Got up to 5 reps before the chin-ups bombed out and I moved back down.
    The last 4 sets or so of the pushups I switched to dive-bombers. Got a pretty good shoulder pump. After the workout I did a set of lunges on each leg.
    From warm up to finish the whole thing probaly took less than 15 minutes.

    It was a good session. Thanks guys

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    Don't neglect the press, however you do it. Strong shoulders translates to all kinds of upper body strength. Also, I agree wrt just go do a workout, don't ever let thinking about working out take the place of just working out. And if you don't want to lift iron, then do bodyweights. They are not the same thing but they are both good.
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    yeh, I was always afraid of doing shoulder press kind of exercises because I thought my shoulders were weak and unstable (the irony)

    I did a good warm up and my shoulder handled the dive bombers fine.
    Ill continue doing the dive-bombers for a few sessions, then ill move on to more direct shoulder pressing movement.

    I also do these shoulder stabilisation exercises. Dumbell rotator cuff exercises where I lie on my side and lift an extremely light dumbell, from the floor up parallel with my body. I think it helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChocoTaco369 View Post
    First off, what are your goals? How big and how strong do you want to get?

    Second, realize that muscles don't grow by just using them. Growth is a hormonal response and in order to generate a substantial hormonal response, you need to stress your central nervous system. Push-ups sure feel like a hell of a workout depending on how many you do, but you're not causing much central nervous system stress unless you're doing them with someone standing on your back. I like breaking things up into two days:


    Workout #1 would be:
    Bent-over Rows
    Overhead Press
    Weighted Pull-ups (get yourself a dip belt with a chain to hang weights off of)

    Workout #2 would be:
    Weighted Chin-ups (again, get yourself a dip belt with a chain to hang weights off of)
    Standing Barbell Calf Raises
    Lateral Raises
    Heavy Straight Bar Curls
    Heavy Abdominal Press

    Then another day you can do some sprints.
    Good workout plan. By the way what is about the diet plan to have a good body shape?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flower View Post
    Good workout plan. By the way what is about the diet plan to have a good body shape?
    On workout days, I like to keep fat low. 40g or less. I shoot for the 20-30g range. I would eat around 300g of carbs on those days with around 200g coming around an hour after the workout. I only eat two meals a day and I like to do my workouts fasted, so the second meal would have the remaining 100g of carbs. The first meal would have higher GI carbs while the second meal would have lower GI carbs. Think white potatoes and white rice immediately post-workout and sweet potatoes and squash later in the day, or some bananas or something.

    On non-workout days (rest days, cardio days and anything with bodyweight BS) I keep carbs in the 50g range with 1g protein/lb body weight. The rest is made up of fat and fluctuates wildly depending on my calories. If I'm maintaining weight, it'll put it probably in the 80-90g range. If I'm cutting, it'll be in the 30-40g range.
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