A quick intro:

I have been a slave to my eating habits over the last three decades. Recent research indicates that our body digests refined carbs in not so dissimilar way it treats opium. I am trying to wean myself off my addictions.

I am not too much worried about weight, body fat% or six packs. I want to generally feel good, have good energy levels, better mood and, yes, get a lot better at tennis. So most of my physical work out is geared to getting better at tennis (speed, agility, stamina, mental focus, specific strength - core, legs, shoulders, etc). I am treating any physical outward changes as only by product of the life style.

About 6 weeks ago i kicked out refined carbs and sugar (i.e. added) from my life. But i ate lentils, rice (on my cheat day, which was once a week) and cheese. Two weeks ago, i decided to remove the cheat day and cut out grains and legumes altogether.

I am compelled to state a staistic to convey the quantum of changes. 6 weeks ago, i weighed about 189 lbs. Today, i weighed 168 lbs. I am not fatigued after a 10 hour desk job as i used to before. I am generally feeling good, no fatigue. I am definitely a bit quicker on the tennis court (ongoing process).