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Thread: Newb saying hello

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    Newb saying hello

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    Hello fellow Grok stars,

    I am new to the site and wanted to say hello! I have been an avid Crossfitter for three years and have gone half hearted paleo in the past with no real success. After hearing about Mark Sisson on the net I checked him out and am glad I did. I really enjoy Mr. Sissons refreshing attitude. It inspired me to try the 21 day challenge. I stuck to the plan in the book and feel pretty good about it. I am still going strong and after five weeks have gone from 12 to 10% body fat with only a one or two pound weight difference. My only negative is that I have been feeling VERY tired lately. I posted this on the Crossfit site as I am currently following the 3 on 1 off routine. Several people told me to up my intake of sweet potatoes. Also I am a fireman at a busy station so my sleep while at the fire station is horrible. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you Mark for an awesome book and a way of eating I honestly feel I can maintain forever. Primal rules!!
    Merry Christmas

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    London, Ontario
    Welcome Bryan.
    Character is both developed and revealed by tests, and all of life is a test.
    -Rick Warren

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    Welcome Bryan. Yes, you can try upping the starchy veg. Or eating more fat.
    Ancestral Health Info

    I design websites and blogs for a living. If you would like a blog or website designed by someone who understands Primal, see my web page.

    Primal Blueprint Explorer My blog for people who are not into the Grok thing. Since starting the blog, I have moved close to being Archevore instead of Primal. But Mark's Daily Apple is still the best source of information about living an ancestral lifestyle.

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