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Thread: Detoxing from meds, no appetite

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    Detoxing from meds, no appetite

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    I've been detoxing from pain killers for fibro, as well as some other meds for over a week and half now. Currently 4 days med-free.
    I know it's normal not to have any appetite. I'm also aware of the benefits of intermittent fasting. But I don't exactly consider this an IF, since the only thing that appeals to me the last week is grapefruit and eggs done in butter, maybe a piece of 85% dark chocolate... I'm drinking as much fluid as I can to help the process along.
    I've been eating primal for about 5 weeks before starting the detox process (with which I credit the relative ease of my detox)... but I am worried about having my weightloss stalled once my appetite returns (could be my fears are from when I went from anorexic to a binge eater and gained too much weight).
    Any insight?

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    i always get a kick out of "fibro".

    do not concern yourself with weight loss. remain strong and dope free and your body will come around. when you can eat, eat; nourish your crippled soul.

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