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    Okay folks. I have never had problems with my blood pressure. That goes for before I ate primal up until today. I have been primal for almost a year now. I am a 44 year old firefighter and stay active, sprints, long hikes, HIIT, and currently strong lifts 5x5. I took my BP at work yesterday morning and it was 154/90. I did have my usual 2 big cups of coffee before hand but that has never been an issue. I took it about 15 minutes later and it came down to 134/84. Still high but better. This morning I woke up and before I had my coffee I took it again in a very relaxed state and again, it was 150/89.

    My blood pressure has been any where from 120/80 and usually lower than that for the past two years. The last time I checked it before this episode was about 2 weeks ago and it was 116/74. Any physicians out there or anyone else who has had a sudden spike in their BP? I am kind of freaking out and will go for a physical just to be safe. Oh yeah, also we did a 12 lead as well at work and that was fine. Help!

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    Probably overtraining and too little carbs to fuel that effort. Try cutting coffee as well

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