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Thread: Has Anyone Seriously Healed Their ROSACEA?

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    Apr 2011

    Has Anyone Seriously Healed Their ROSACEA?

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    Hey Groks,

    Im wondering if anyone out there has got rid of their rosacea?

    Im finding it very difficult finding anyone who has successful done this via diet alone. Im sure there are people out there who have.

    A lot of the holistic and primal take on this is that it is a symptom from something going wrong in the gut. some say its a gut flora issues, some say inflammation, leaky gut, some say stomach acid issues, etc.

    Please give me some good hope here =)



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    Apr 2011
    My rosacea is not completely gone, but it is 90% better on this diet after 8-10 months.I don't get the little pimples anymore and my nose and cheeks are faint pink instead of almost purplish. I imagine it takes the blood vessels years to fully shrink.

    You won't hurt anything by trying it for a few months, right?

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    Mine improved a lot too. It wasn't severe, but it was noticeable. Now my skin tone is much more even. I attribute a lot of this to not drinking anymore. Alcohol made me flush beet red after two drinks.
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    I also added in MRM Bone Maximizer III.... it seems to have really cut down on my skin issues.

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    I found cutting out low quality diary helped mine. I used to think it was the lactose, but now just stick to A2 protien milk (raw would be fantastic, but I'm unable to get it), and high quality cheeses.

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    My wife's skin is so much better. I can actually see the faint birthmark on her cheek. She still gets more acne than she'd like, but overall it is way better than she's ever had.

    She does still spend a decent chunk of money on Dr. Hauschka's products, though.

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    Nov 2011
    I saw a dermatologist for my skin condition. My form of rosacea was a lot of congestion with multiple telangiectases which would bleed if abraded. On my cheeks I have lots of broken capillaries. I would get a lot of pustules also, but I had to take clindamycin for 8 weeks for a very bad dental bone infection due to a trauma. The clindamycin cured the pustules and that was three years ago. I still get the telangiectases. The doc told me that because of my Nordic heritage and very pale skin with nearly white blonde hair that my skin had suffered skin damage. I used to ski and water ski and tanned voraciously. One time in a tanning bed, I came out with my entire breast and sternal area completely covered in a bright red spider web of broken capillaries. That never healed, sadly. What I learned from the skin doc is that skin problems have multiple sources. I cured the infection, but the capillary damage is 20 years old, and needs laser tx to fix. The telangiectases are due to invasive growth. I just got one a week ago. I am clean eating and take lots of good supplements, but I think sun damage is just that - damage. It may take a long time to repair. My skin never responded to metro gel or tetracycline or the sulfa mask. Only clindamycin. Doc says bacteria migrate out of the gut. Pores clog due to internal invasive vascular activity, not environmental. Also there is a huge corelation between skin infection and dental plaque. Not saying anyone has poor hygiene LOL but aggressive oral hygiene with brushing and flossing after all meals, no snacking, no sugar or starchy foods and no sticky nuts (hmm does this sound familiar?) knocks down oral bacterial populations. My dentist is a progressive thinker and he thinks that h. Pylori may have something to do with gum disease, and possibly acne. It would be interesting if our resident dentist Dr. Kruse chimed in on this. I wonder how many rosacea patients also have gingival disease and GERD.

    To the OP: read Dr. Perricone on inflammatory acne. His Rx is eat wild caught salmon and broccoli and cut out carbs. His vitamin tx is very expensive. I use a green tea vitamin C based serum and I apply a roll on zinc product to any bump I get.
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    Yes, yes, yes! My rosacea was relatively mild, I guess - type II, very red face and frequent flushing, but very few papules. Anyway, my skin improved very quickly (within a week of going primal) and I have only had a couple of instances of flushing since - brought on by stress in recent weeks. And those flushes went down in say, a half hour, instead of a half a day.
    I have also made an effort to eat yogurt, brine pickles, and take probiotics, and I think that has also made a difference. When I am stressed, I eat/take more of those things.
    I've also been using coconut oil on my skin everyday and nothing else - my skin loves it. The few papules I had (limited to one spot on my right cheek) didn't like the coconut oil at all and have virtually vanished.
    The only aspect that hasn't healed is the "spongy" texture associated with rosacea - I've got a bit of that on my cheeks. It's gotten better, and it isn't very noticeable, but I wouldn't mind if that went away completely too! I may consider having another IPL treatment to eliminate it if it doesn't eventually go back to completely normal, but that's probably excessive vanity.

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    My rosacea was mainly on my cheeks and chin - few papules, just awful blotchy redness and sometimes flaky and peeling skin. I guess I also have sensitive skin because the medications given me by two different dermatoligists only made it worse. I also tried many commercial products, spending way too much $ with no appreciable results. My skin is now relatively clear and I credit putting FAT back in my diet! I think that my efforts to follow the CW's lowfat nonsense contributed to the rosacea. Putting good fats back in my diet has made a huge difference. I also recently started using coconut oil on my skin as well & echo SweetPickles endorsement.

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    I helped a friend of mine clear hers up through digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid.
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