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Thread: Chronic Cardio Increases Life Expectancy

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    Most Tarahumra run 30 miles every single day? I doubt it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marnee View Post
    Most Tarahumra run 30 miles every single day? I doubt it.
    most tarahumara are drunks, let's be serious.

    born to run was a fun read but it was like a cartoon

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    Quote Originally Posted by MightyAl View Post
    I think a healthy lifestyle eating whole foods and moving around will increase life expectancy and be more enjoyable. Chronic Cardio just plain sucks. I did it to lose my first 50lbs and it was incredibly destructive IMHO. I would push myself and mileage to insane levels and spen 12-13 hours a week pounding the pavement. I was always hurt be it achilles tendonitis or tweaking my knee or whatever other inflammatory problem was ailing me. I was sore and hobbled every morning I got out of bed just to hit the road at 5am so I could get to work by 8am. I was hungry all the time because I was still on the SAD thinking exercise was the secret.

    And that is where we end up here. If you enjoy Chronic Cardio then do it but if you are doing it because you think it will extend your life by an average of 8 years well then that is dumb. You are going to be spending hours and hours a week by yourself then you might as well enjoy it or it is a waste of time.
    May be you were hurting because you were at least 50 lbs overweight? And may be, since you were over weight, you had bad running form as well and that aggravated issues further? And may be, since you were on SAD, you weren't getting proper nutrition for your body to recover or build strength? How can you single out running and blame it?
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    The message I got was that people work themselves like crazy doing chronic cardio to lose weight when they just shoot themselves in the foot with their diet choices. A lot of people associate going to the gym and running on a treadmill with the whole "being on a diet" and "getting in shape" thing. Why do that when you just run around and play? Or get roughly the same benefits by sprinting over a short period of time?

    If people want to sit in the gym on a treadmill for an hour, go for it. I never did during the process of losing over 80 pounds and that was probably one of the reasons I was able to achieve what I have.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SoccerGrok View Post
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    What bothers me is how ineffective they are. If you attempt to quote them, you see that they try to post images, but they don't show up on the forum (at least not for me. I use Firefox browser and I block scripts but images should come through) so I don't really understand the point of them. Only the ones with links on their signatures make any sense.

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    “Everything in moderation, including moderation.”
    ― Oscar Wilde

    The philosophy that has worked for me for 35 years of running. Run 4-5 miles 3x/week at a 9-10 minute pace. Cross train: swim, bike, hike.
    Sprinting + resting in the PBF can be considered the "including moderation" piece, i.e. run moderately and do some sprints every once in a while, and then take a rest day every once in a while.

    From what I can tell, Mark's aversion to chronic cardio stems from his overdoing it for years as a competitive athlete. He burned himself out.

    For those of us who have NOT burned ourselves out through grueling competition, there is nothing harmful with moderate "chronic" cardio. I've been running for 35 years with zero knee problems, and I'm now 60 years old (roughly the same age as Mark).

    What seems to cause much of the confusion is the ambiguous "chronic" term. Does chronic mean 50 miles/week at a 6 minute pace (recipe for injuries), or 12 miles/week at a 9-10 minute pace? If its the former, I agree with Mark. If its the latter, I disagree.

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