I am new to the Primal diet, but in three weeks I have stabilized my blood sugar levels, cut my medication way down, and lost 6 lbs. The only thing I am not happy with is my fasting blood sugars. I wake up with blood sugar levels of 120 to 130. Ideally, I should be below 100. I have moved my metformin dose to dinner time hoping that it would "slow" my liver from releasing sugar into my system with little effect. During the day my sugars run from 110 to 120. This is being done while eating a lot more fruit (my main source of carbs).

The primal diet itself has helped me to not feel hungry and I have good energy levels. My theory is that the extra fat I am ingesting, is being converted into glucose by my liver. My plan, until I get some ideas from the Forum, is to;

1) Catalog what I eat trying to stay within 483 Calories of Protein, 300 Calories of Carbs, and 1519 Calories of fat (This based on Marks books and my goal to lose 8 lbs a month) and
2) Experiment up/down with my Metformin dose to see if that has an effect.

Any advice or actions that have worked for others would be welcomed. Thank you.