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Thread: Food Advice for a Low Meat Eater

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    Now, assuming you really are a poor college student, here are my tips for you:

    Find that little-known shop in town that sells really cheap produce. Every town has it, even if you don't know it. You can buy vegetables for as little as 20 cents a pound. Canned fish is also very cheap there.

    Do not buy nuts.
    Do not buy yogurt.
    Those are very expensive considering how little you get out of them.
    Instead, buy meat. They offer more nutritionally, and they keep you full longer.
    Buy the cheapest (but fattiest) cuts of meat you can afford.
    Whole chickens, chicken wings, chicken leg quarters.
    Small beef and pork roasts.
    Stew beef.

    Buy eggs.
    Buy sardines and canned fish, including white-fin tuna.

    Buy leafy green vegetables, and if you can still afford it at this point, get:
    woody vegetables (broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, etc), and if you can still afford it at this point, get:
    starchy vegetables.
    In that order.

    Forget fruit if you're a college student.

    You are hypoglycemic, take care of your health.
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    Make bone broth.
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