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Thread: Primal Musician

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    Hi, my name's Nate and I'm a Kiwi musician living in Australia (I've gone for by band's name as my pseudonym) and as a front man who runs around the stage like a headless maniac chicken on speed with it's pants on fire (chickens wear pants here in Australia), the need for a good carb load pre-show seemed the most obvious thing to do. This understanding was supported by the fact that I'm also a Personal Trainer and everything that I had been taught and everything that I passed on to clients centered around the same advice.

    Thank goodness that I discovered Primal or I might be stuck in that archaic pyramid. Instead of gone uber-archaic! haha

    I have more stage energy, am not caught up on having to eat at certain times even if I felt bloated, and am maintaining my naturally toned physique with nothing more than the effort of just living well.

    Thanks Mark and Primal Blueprint. I look forward to participating in future forums (and perhaps reigniting older ones

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    Hey there! I'm also a musician and I'm training to be a kettlebell trainer! Musicians truly think alike! Welcome!
    Visit my blog Primal Homeskillet. And eat it too.

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