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Thread: Need Food Porn pics for my new website!

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    Cool Need Food Porn pics for my new website!

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    Primal friends~

    I'm just about ready to launch my new Pregnancy coaching site and need some veggie-heavy food pics for the (Primal) Nutrition page of my site.

    If anyone is willing to share, I will happily give a credit link to your site/blog if I use your pic

    Please pm me!

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    I am deeply concerned about your website. I know that if I was going to have a kid I would not be okay with him undergoing a Dragonfly Birth Transformation. I want my child to be a human and I do not think it would be fair for anyone to deny him that right by making them undergo a Dragonfly Transformation with no choice of their own.

    There was a documentary done about this very topic a number of years ago, I suggest you watch the following film:

    I think this will do a great job of showing you why no child should be turned into a Dragonfly. Other reason would include the following: Dragonflies are dumb... they do not even move when you swat them, they make big messes on my windshield because they are too slow and stupid to get out of the way, and they contribute absolutely nothing to society. They don't even sting or bite which is stupid cause something named "Dragonfly" should be a badass and leave nothing but woe and the gnashing of teeth in their wake.

    Secondly, I am also concerned regarding "Matrix Reimprinting". Should a child become aware of the matrix, they will be chased by the leader of the elves and also the bad guy from Captain America due to their new awakening. I have seen what the real world looks like outside of the Matrix and I do not believe it would be safe or healthy to raise a child in such an environment. Please see the following documentary for more information. (Also, only watch the first documentary in the series as the second two films are not as informative)

    I suggest that anyone who wishes to raise a child properly please heed my advice and do not listen to this lady who wants to turn your perfect little crotch spawn into the unholy combination of an unplugged dragonfly. I hope my message has reached at least one of you.
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