I am a senior serious cyclist. Frankly, I just heard about Mark's nutrition and just pulled up this site. Interestingly, I came to the same nutritional conclusions a long time ago. However, the diet will not work for competitive cyclist during hard rides (averaging over 20 mph), unless you enjoy bonking. Personally, I pre-load before any hard ride over two hours with carbs (usually Carbo Pro) and an egg. During the ride I use Acceleraide and a 50/50 goo/honey mixture. The latest thinking is that the weight that cyclists loose during a ride (except for fluid) comes from the decrease in the weight of the liver. The liver needs fructose (honey) and that is why the goo/honey mixture will give added performance over straight goo. Many TdeF riders do training rides of ( 1 1/2 hours or less on nothing but coffee, in order to train their bodies to burn fat, and this is good but burning fat also depletes the liver and and you will need fructose to replenish it before extending the ride or riding later. Most serious cycling is about maximum performance and you cannot afford to have any lack of carbs (and a little protein) for good performance. Stick to Mark's diet between rides.