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Thread: Karvonen heart rate method or the method used in the primal Blue Print page

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    Question Karvonen heart rate method or the method used in the primal Blue Print

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    I just read that the Karvonen Heart rate calculator for heart rate is the standard. According to this 55% of my max would be 118. 75% would be 139. The method in the book would be 91% for 55% and 124 for 75%. That is a big difference. What would be best to use for low stress cardio.?

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    i would aim for 91 and 124. mine is about that too.
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    During your next sprint workout, on your last sprint go all out til you can't go any more. When the stars go away, check your pulse. It should be about 90% of max. The calculations are all estimates and are inaccurate for some people.

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