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Thread: Has anyone cured allergies eating primal?

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    Dec 2011
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Has anyone cured allergies eating primal?

    I have allergies to fruits, some nuts in excess, as well as environmental and pet. I was wondering if anyone has experienced an improvement in their allergies since starting this lifestyle? How long did it take before you started to notice that these things didn't bother you anymore?

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    I know it's probably mostly from exposure but I used to react to my dog when I first got him(stuffy nose, sneezing, itchy eyes, wheezing) which has gotten better over time(2 months) until now I don't react at all. I recently had some jalapeno and it was quite obvious they caused this but the whole night I was stuffed up so they may have triggered a histamine response. I think my dust allergy has gotten better as well.

    I have no experience with food allergies other than an undiagnosed gluten intolerance.
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    i've cured all allergies since going primal. i used to have ass pimples, chronic nose stuffiness, i used to be ugly. now i'm beautiful and all the problems are cleared.

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    Seasonal allergies-gone. They were getting to be brutal as I got older, sinus headaches like an ax going though my skull. This alone is worth going primal. I have not had cat exposure (needs to be 1 day+) but I am assuming this will be better if not gone as well.
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    My hayfever/seasonal allergies are completely gone, and I used to have a daily Claritin-D habit just to function.

    Food allergies... honestly, if I've noticed any difference, things are worse. I never ate a lot of dairy or wheat, but I did eat them without too many problems. Now that they're a truly rare occurrence (only accidentally, or when I absolutely cannot refuse someone's special meal) I really notice a reaction, especially with wheat.

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    I still have allergies. I primarily react to dust and pollution, though, not pollen. I woke up with my eyes swollen and my nose all stuffed up this morning. My clock radio later informed me we're having a "Spare the Air" day. That's when the air quality index* is high and the government encourages us to drive less, not burn wood fires, etc. Needless to say, I had already figured that out.

    *AQI measures ozone, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and particulate matter.

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    I did GAPS (8 months) then Paleo (2 years) and most of my food allergies are much better, if not gone completely.

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    Jul 2011
    No, sadly my seasonal allergies are as bad as always and my food allergies are largely as bad as they used to. I will try Whole30 in Jan. I suspect dairy might be the culprit as it is the only thing I never cut out since going primal.

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    Yup! No more sinus infections 4x a year due to seasonal allergies! I will still get hives if I am licked by a cat or dog (on that spot only) an I am still allergic to fish (just finfish, a weird allergy that developed in my 20's) and my chronic, severe eczema is just about history altogether! Yay!

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    My pollen and dust mite allergies are much imporved but not gone completely. But I have only been primal 4 months and I'm still losing weight. Occasionally I think about trying to cut out various things to see if they go completely but I've ultimately decided to wait until I've stopped losing weight before trying any tweaks.
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