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Thread: Has anyone cured allergies eating primal?

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    Yes, I can mow my lawn without any medication now.
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    Within 6 months of eating primal, my severe dandruff problem that I have had for 38 years of my life completely disappeared.

    I don't know how to express how huge this one thing is for me. But it's HUGE.

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    Yep! Environmental & pet allergies are gone since going primal..

    But the food allergies are little more sensitive, as others have mentioned.. Can't handle wheats, breads, & general grains like I used to.. Even rice can shake up my stomach..

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    Agree w abc on the food allergies. Much more sensitive and learned that a low FODMAPS diet works best for me. Some foods give me crazy stomach pains.

    I have major pet, seasonal, dust allergies. They still kick my butt pretty often, but I've noticed a slight decrease.

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    Sadly not. I'm just as allergic to animals, hayfever and dust on primal as I was off. The only upside is I'm a lot less congested in general, which I think game from dropping dairy.

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    GAPS is the way to go to cure the vast majority of food allergies and many autoimmune issues as well.

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    It appears that my seasonal allergies are gone after being on Paleo/Primal at about 90% since March. My sinuses are much clearer than they were before starting to eat this way and I have not had a cold or the flu as of yet. I realize 7 months is a fairly short period of time, but what is most interesting to me is that my wife (who is not primal but eats a pretty clean cw diet including whole grains) has had a couple of colds during this time that did not transfer to me. Time will tell, but it looks like the dietary change has definitely helped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpatti View Post
    GAPS is the way to go to cure the vast majority of food allergies and many autoimmune issues as well.
    I'm thinking you may be right. I've been primal for over 2 yrs. and my allergies have not gone away. Recently I had a cold and it did not turn into a sinus infection which is a big improvement for me. I'm reluctant to start the GAPS diet but I've started eating more fermented foods; raw goat kefir, raw sauerkraut and more bone broth. If I don't see any improvement I may have to take the plunge and do the GAPS diet.

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    This allergic process can be set in motion while we are in utero. Studies have shown when a mother eats foods she is allergic or sensitive to while pregnant, it increases the likelihood the baby will develop allergies.

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    Hi just saw this and YES all of my allergies are gone, first off was always allergic to eggs and always dreamed and craved them, and definitely would eat them, with punishment.
    Nose stuffed up, immediately everytime!!!! And than would come, the slight chest wheeze, maybe sneeze a few! I attributed and conceded to the allergy tests telling me and docs, i was allergic to eggs, dander, dust, shellfish, smoke,second hand smoke- mom and dad both smoked, and even the pediatrician too. And he had two standard poodles running in his office, while giving me allergy shots!
    I was allergic to everything, and my parents still got dogs, two of them. I did grow to love them and live with allergies. I ate everything w grains, sandwiches, pasta, breads etc, and never once told to go off of grains, no test ever showed that grains were killing me.
    I did every type of workout, weightlifting, running, track, judo, boxing, yoga i always wheezed and felt lousy anyway, just accepting i was doing something right! I believe it is called exercise induced asthma- yeah right!
    Until six months ago, primal blueprint and wheat belly fell into my view. So once again trying to feel better, wigging out turning 50 and feeling like shit even though everyone tells me you look great.
    Ok, when i had clothes on and a belly for my 5'6 frame @34 waist, Right!
    I decided to do it after a weekend of boozing, carbing and plain old shit snacks. That was it, monday i am going primal, i declared sunday night.
    My family was in for a ride and they now are embracing.
    I am 25 yrs younger and have turned on at least a dozen people onto it, and All of my Allergies are Gone.......
    Plus all other old age, yeah we need to accept this mentality and drugs, aches and pain and for what?
    Because we are being lied too.....
    So go primal, as my cardiologist said to me, you may have the fountain of youth for yourself.
    Hdl went from 43 on stats and off to 106 primal, trigs-139 down to 67......ldl remained the same-141

    So just an overblown excuse to brag about no allergies and common ailments of any age, No More!

    Go primal

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