HI YA'LL ~ I'm Deb

I have lost 150+ lbs in the past 14 months.

I started at 294 and for the last 2 months am weighing between 135 - 139. I lost the weight on hCG protocol. But I do not believe the hCG - Pound and Inches protocol will keep the weight off forever, since I was suppose to add sugars and starches back in my diet. I am NEVER going to do that. So I have been educating myself these past months on "PRIMAL" eating and I know that is for me. I have been eating primal for the past 14 months so I want to continue and stay in ketosis FOREVER.

I am here on this form to learn and educate myself. And of course, never be fat / unhealthy again.

Have a Great Day / Evening !