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    Anything wrong with LHT and IF on the same days?

    Because of my wonky schedule, the days that it makes the most sense to LHT also are the days that make the most sense to IF. I work out first thing in the morning and would be skipping breakfast and eating an earlier lunch (11:00ish). I lift for health and body comp, not for strength gains.

    Are there any minuses to my schedule? Or pluses?

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    should be fine so long as you increase calories on the same days you lift. Though that means on the days you IF (the way I understand it) you'll have to eat significantly bigger meals (+20% of maintenance calories) than the days you don't IF (-20% of maintenance calories) since your calories will be spread out among fewer meals on your IF days. I can see that being difficult for me.
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    No reason it can't work. You might need to experiment a little, but they are not fundamentally incompatible.

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    Recovery shouldn't be a problem assuming you get enough calories in during your eating window. As a plus you'll be able to ride out the GH spike you'll get from LHT for a longer period of time due to the lack of calories pwo. However you may want to consider getting a branched chain amino acid blend as martin from leangains recommends in order to avoid the catabolyzation of muscle mass. Just a thought.

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    Not at all! swears by it. No one would argue that he is jacked and shredded. More calories on lifting day and you will be fine.
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