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Thread: What's in my 1,000mg fish oil capsule?

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    I have been trying to determine what is in the 1,000mg capsule of fish oil I take. 300mg is EPA/DHA but what is the other 700mg? I use the Whole Foods "Omega-3" capsules.


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    To clarify, is the remaining 700mg the gelatin, glycerin, lemon oil, mixed tocopherols and purified water that flesh out the capsule contents or is the 700mg just the remainder of the fish oil, which is listed at 1,000mg total. Guess I am just confused as to whether the 1,000mg is the total capsule weight or just the fish oil. If just the fish oil, then what is the 700mg as it is not EPA/DHA?

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    No idea what constitutes the rst of that particular capsule, but only the long-chain omega 3s count towards balancing your o3/o6 intake, as only the long chain fats can be used to create hormones. I've seen a couple fish oils list out the remaining capsule contents as "other omega 3s". So I guess that there is some short-chain omega 3 in fish oil?

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