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Thread: Primal Minded Personal Trainer

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    Primal Minded Personal Trainer

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    My name is Jason, and I am a personal trainer in Central Ohio (Westerville). Not trying to spam or anything, just wanted to offer up my services for any one looking. Been primal for a year, now and at about 215lbs. My gym is primal minded as a result of a lot of research between myself, my boss, and his wife, a nutrition student. I have an Exercise Science BS, and am ACT certified, though I just sat for my NSCA-CSCS cert. if anyone is interested, email me at This community is great, and I preach these nutrition principles to all my clients with outstanding results. Thanks!


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    This has got to be the best spam I've seen on the forums. Good luck, Jason.

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    It would be nice to have a separate forum for such postings because the community benefits from the info but you wouldn't want people feeling like spammers.

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