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    And if you want some practice, there's some beautiful spam one right above this post!
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    Hi Ladies!
    I was referred over here by someone I met through reading Wheat Belly. I was getting frustrated with the men on the facebook page acting like I was killing myself by eating more carbs. Yet when I woud eat VLC, I stopped losing weight and got depressed. I stopped eating wheat mid-January after reading Wheat Belly. I'm going to pick up Primal Blueprint when it becomes available at my library.
    A little about me... I'm 29 and have 2 children that are almost 2 and 4. I am still nursing the younger one and I think my body if very aware of that. I am 5'4" and 185lbs, so quite a bit to lose. I have always been heavier though, with a 34DD chest in college that has ballooned to 34I with pregnancy and breastfeeding. I am hoping that by losing significant weight I can get down to a D again and shop in regular stores! I played soccer in college and always have generally been active, with a propensity to put on muscle fairly easily. But back then I didn't have the greatest eating habits and followed CW to eat high carb. I was one who thought eating oatmeal with an apple chopped in it with a little milk mixed would keep me full. My eggs, veggies and bacon/sausage keep me full much longer now. But I can honestly say that I still need to eat every 4 hours. Not sure if the breastfeeding is to blame? I have lost 9lbs since giving up wheat.
    Exercising is just plain hit or miss with me. I really enjoy it but seem to just run out of time each day. I SAH with the kids but work part time from home about 15hrs/week. So during nap time I work and often in the evenings as well. With slightly warmer weather, we have been going on a walk each night after dinner. I also play indoor soccer once a week. I was interested to see the pyramid about exercise and only needing HIIT once a week, so I think soccer can count for that. I know I can get in at least 1 good lifting a week as well, so I feel a little better now.
    What I'm really looking for is a solution to chronic exhaustion and dizziness that I've been experiencing since January 2008, midway through my first pregnancy. I've had every test in the book done, yet nothing seems to come up. I'm currently taking vit D3, but all other levels came back normal. I find that the exhaustion is compounded at the beginning of every cycle, where I sometimes can barely make it through the day. Anyone ever suffer something like this?

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    Teach2183 - Welcome to the She-Grok forum. Its a safe place to talk about how all this works with the female body. I don't have a response to your question, I just wanted to say Hi, and I hope you come back often.

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    Is it really necessary to be a jerk? This is exactly why this thread exists,,,guys like you who think you know it all.

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    I want to subscribe to this thread but i am new and have no clue how to do it. If any lady knows how please help thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by drheather View Post
    Is it really necessary to be a jerk? This is exactly why this thread exists,,,guys like you who think you know it all.
    hi, don't know if you are spam or not, but the guy (anthony) above you is a spam bot, and the one below as well). They might be deleted by the time you read this, though. . . so.

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    Hi All,
    I'm 61, living in Western Australia. I've been low carb for the last three years. The first year I lost 10 kg, the second I allowed grains once a week and my health went steadily downhill until I was really ill with massive autoimmune disease temporarily losing the sight in one eye along the way. Then it was heavy steriods to get it under control, followed by side effects of coming off the steroids. It was difficult and I gained 2kg. Once I got that sorted I went strict again with sprouted lentils being a mainstay of my diet but developed terrible gut problems followed by more autoimmune disease. So I dropped all legumes from my diet, so that was no grains, no lentils, no sugar, almost no fruit. In the end I dropped another 10 kg last year, so 18 kg off.

    I put on 2kg on holidays in March so I'm currently dealing with that.
    Was 85 kg. 187 lbs
    Now just under 68 kg. 149 lbs
    I would like to lose another 10 kg this year as I'm only 5ft 2ins. I used to be 123 lbs for 25 years so that is probably close to my ideal weight.

    I was very conscious as I read this thread that many writers are still restricting their calories in an attempt to lose weight. It is my experience that this only works sometimes and in some stages of life. At one stage I was on 1100 calories of mostly meat and veges and I didn't lose weight at all and the dieticians called me a liar. At 1300 cals I would put weight on and they continued to tell me I wasn't being honest. It really p_____ me off. I have no idea how many calories I eat now but I don't put on weight eating lots and lots when I keep it fat and protein heavy, restricting the high carb veges to moderate amounts.

    I have a doctor colleague in the US who is very health oriented and he tells me that carrying fat on the tummy is due to inflammation and that if you have a well covered gut then you have inflammation, period. So the focus needs to be on reducing inflammation and stress because you can reduce inflammation but if you have stress it may be sufficient to stop the weight loss. He recommends low carb (he calls it low insulin diet) but one that is also high in polyphenols and antioxidants to reduce the inflammatory response - he has lovely photos of how various vegetables such as purple cabbage kill candida in petrie dishes.

    I have learned from experience that I have to go carefully with my exercise as too much too fast is to much stress for my body and my health deteriorates again and the inflammation increases and the weight won't drop. I currently walk 45 mins a day and do karate 2 to 3 times a week. I'm just ramping it up to 3 times a week but I have to take some weeks off as it is sometimes too much for me.

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    Hi I'm soon to be 51 and have lost 30 pounds with CW last year, but am now stalled. I would like to loose 30 more to get to a realistic weight for my age and 5'4". I've been lurking and reading this thread and love the support and encouragement I see and would love to join. I work from home all but two days a week, travel pretty much monthly for 7-14 days at a time, have a hard time getting enough energy to excercise, and am going to school. I'm premenopausal, but take librel so as to not deal with vicious mood swings and migraines. I've switched to almond or coconut milk in my coffee primarily because dairy increases my asthma issues. I take a multi-vitamin, magnesium, vitamin D3, and B12 for supplements. I'm in the habit of tracking what I eat, but look forward to skipping that task. Any advice on diet (I've got most of the books and cookbooks) and excercise (my downfall) is appreciated.

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    AussieNana, that's an interesting perspective. I was tracking my calories and trying to keep well below 1200 (through combination of food and exercise, sometimes I would eat more than 1200 but the exercise would reduce the total) but I lost nothing after a couple of weeks. I have decided to hell with it. 135 must be what I'm supposed to be. Big blubbery tummy and all. What matters most to me is when I have control over hunger and am able to do things without being hungry or weak.
    Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by i<3myshihtzu View Post
    I want to subscribe to this thread but i am new and have no clue how to do it. If any lady knows how please help thank you
    At the top of any page of the thread click on thread tools and you will see where to subscribe. If you are new you might also want to know that the messages with red x's are spammers who take a sentence from some other post to sound relevant and then put in links to whatever sites they are spamming for.
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    low carb since 2006 thanks to Jenny, primal since Jan. 2012

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