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Thread: She-Groks Only.......... cuz it works different for us

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    Goldie, that sounds delicious - thanks! And I think I have all the ingredients except for mint.
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    This seems like a good place to share my annual physical results. I've been low carb to control diabetes nearly 8 years, primal about 8 months. I'm about three years post menopause. The post-menopausal weight gain was what prompted me to change--after menopause I put back on the 50 pounds I lost when I first went low carb. In the last 8 months I have lost about 25 pounds and I still seem to be losing a pound or two a month without limiting the amount I eat. My A1c is unchanged in the last year, at 5.8.

    Total Cholesterol:
    2008: 229
    2009: 258 (I think taking Zoloft caused my LDL to go up--it went back down when I stopped the medication)
    2010: 234
    2011: 232
    2012: 241

    2008: 32
    2009: 34
    2010: 44
    2011: 55
    2012: 52

    HDL (direct):
    2008: 81
    2009: 83
    2010: 83
    2011: 75
    2012: 73

    My main conclusion is that my lipids are remarkably stable. What I eat or don't eat doesn't have much effect. I never was low fat, but I'm eating a lot more saturated fat and eggs than I was in 2011. In past years my doctor has been a little concerned about my cholesterol, but apparently she has been reading other points of view and she had no concerns today.
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    It's good that you have an enlightened doctor.

    In an otherwise healthy person, the body regulates the cholesterol apart from anything the individual eats. When I was in graduate school (eons ago), I was eating low carb to lose weight, but I was existing on a graduate student stipend, so my diet was mainly tuna and egges--lots and lots of eggs.

    After about 8 months, I needed a total physical for insurance, and I commented to my doctor (a wonderful internist) that my cholesterol would be 'sky high' from all those eggs. No, he told me, if you eat high cholesterol foods, you body just makes less. There's an ideal range for you as an individual, and your body works hard to stay within that range (alas, if only it would do that with weight). Yes, my cholesterol at that time was ideal.

    Fast forward to post-menopause, and all my doctors were concerned about my LDL, which was above the lab range, but nothing to be concerned about, especially because, like you, I have high HDL and low trigs. However, that LDL was actually inflated by my undiagnosed hypothyroidism because I foolishly listened to my primary who kept telling me that my escalating hypo symptoms were 'just normal aging.'

    I eventually self-referred to an excellent endo, was diagnosed and medicated (hormones), and once my meds were optimized, my LDL slowly and steadily returned to 'normal.'

    Because they've been brain washed by the drug reps, doctors are just too quick to suggest (or order) statins without looking into a possible reason for an elevated cholesterol.

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    My doctor has always been mildly on the side of CW. My cholesterol has always been pretty high and he's always made recommendations to me to watch my fat intake and get plenty of exercise, and he's been quite surprised when I've told him how I never eat fast food and exercise more than anybody he knows. He usually then falls back on how my ratios are good so it's not a problem -- yet. He always sticks the "yet" in there. Like once I reach a certain age he's going to push statins on me.

    I wish I knew how primal has affected my cholesterol numbers. I have yet to be tested. I'm curious but not curious enough to put up with the conversation with my doctor. I'll ignore anything he has to say anyway. He's too old to bother trying to educate and since he's always been fairly unwilling to write prescriptions, I think I can fend him off for a few more years before he retires and I have to find someone else.
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    Hi, everyone. I just stumbled upon this thread, for I am a She-Grok... and I have high cholesterol, so I guess it's pretty apropos for me to be here at this point in the discussion.

    I only started primal (more paleo, actually, as I don't consume that much dairy... don't hate me!) 6 weeks ago but I'm curious, and a bit nervous, about what this will do to my Cholesterol.

    I've had high cholesterol my whole life. Both of my parents do, so since I was a kid I have been tested regularly. My mother loves to tell me how I had a total count of 310 when I was first tested at age 7, haha. When I was unhealthy and overweight (5'6" and 173 pounds at age 22) I had a total count of 247. When I dropped weight from Calorie-counting (135 pounds at age 24) I got down to 226 total, and all of my ratios looking fantastic, even if my LDLs were borderline.

    Two years later (about 4 months ago) I was mostly-vegan, a runner, and around 140 pounds. My total cholesterol was 227 (I didn't get my LDL, HDL, tri counts though). No change. This was one of those clues that obviously this vegan thing didn't help or hinder my cholesterol, which I had assumed it would. (Dumb dumb dumb, as I now know!)

    So, I'm definitely wondering what my cholesterol will look like in the upcoming months. I plan on getting a physical with blood work so I can see it all. Here's to hoping!
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    intro and thanks

    I have taken the last 2 days to read every post on this thread - awesome

    I had previously introduced myself on the meet and greet but wanted to repost here because I love you guys

    it's NOT hip to be square
    I just found PB in the last week or so. I am on board. I cleaned out my pantry yesterday and am starting primal today.

    In July I started with (but all that counting calories stuff doesn't work for me) and in part of getting ready I took some pictures (definitely not flattering). I swear I am not this fat in my head – I mean I knew I was fat but not that fat. The unbelievable thing is that for my weight you would think that I would have out of wack numbers from blood work. Here are my stats:

    • weight 215
    • height 5’2”
    • Cholesterol 131
    • HDL 51
    • LDL 66
    • a1c 5.8
    • Creatinine 0.7

    So when I had my physical in March – my doctor was like yeah your heavy but your numbers are great ….I am a little concerned about the fasting glucose of 116 –and 126 makes you diabetic but your doing great let's just keep an eye on that glucose. Great? Great? Are you kidding me?

    I want to state that I am done with all the lame ass excuses and convincing myself that my “numbers are good”. This is not good.

    I am short and fat and it turns out I’m almost square.
    I am 5’2” which is 62 inches. My hips and butt at the largest part is 52”.

    A square is equal tall and wide and I’m almost freakin there.


    I’m going post one of the unflattering pictures because it is what it is….

    Time for a change


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    Cadamsgis ---- welcome to the She-groks thread! And welcome to a new way of life! Sounds like your diving in with both feet!

    You're photo hasn't been approved yet - sometimes it takes them a week or so to get it published.

    I think you're a bit hard on yourself - one of the things we learn here is to be kind to ourselves - at least thats one thing I've gleaned from all the women on the boards. I hope you can find lots of useful info and have some fun here - we all do. Okay - I do........ I'm assuming everyone else does to.

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    lunch with coworkers and ironic first outing

    I'm on PB day 6.

    Today I was invited to go to lunch with some coworkers. This is my first dining out on new lifestyle food. I said sure but can we go to TGIF Friday's? I had an 8 dollar coupon off an appetizer and had already scoped it out that they have a chicken skewer. I ordered that with a side order of broccoli and water with lemon to drink. When it came to the table I just moved the pita bread to a plate in the center of the table and said I'm not having this if anyone wants it. My friends all asked when I stopped eating bread. I said last Saturday and most of my intestinal distress is gone. There are several cool parts - one my friends just said great about your digestion working better, I didn't feel left out of going out to lunch, and my meal total was $2.52 because of the coupon. And the super duper wow was I had a momentarily flash of feeling left out of other food choices but I was satisfied with mine.

    I'm very vocal and pretty much will take about everything and my friends knew that I had a colonoscopy done in May because of the distress. They found nothing wrong and suggested I eat more high fiber (since one of my major complaints was that it would sometimes be 4 days between movements. Well in the 6 days I’ve had daily movement with ease and no horrific smells like before (sorry TMI). I'm thinking that removing the grains, rice, sugar, and processed foods is the reason.

    It has only been 6 days but it is amazing so far. I am a habitual napper - like a 3 hour nap every day after work plus going back to sleep at 10pm. I work as a computer desk all day 7am - 3:30pm so it's not like I just wear myself out. I also was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea about 5 months ago. I only have 11 stops per hour but my blood oxygen was dropping to 76% every time I went to sleep. Well.... the most bizarre thing has happened I haven't napped at all this week. Plus I haven't used the cpap machine for about 9 days due to a cold.

    I even had a crazy outing on Saturday. My husband and I went to the patxuent wildlife refuge to get some slow moving on. It was fun we walked one of the trails for about 45 minutes with the two beagles. Well, once we got home I took a shower and was reading my kindle and noticed an extremely little bug. I killed it. In a few minutes later I notice a couple more. I tell my husband to hurry go shower we have bugs. He's like I don't have any bugs I'm fine. So he showers and I'm checking his back and legs and I notice 2 mini ticks - like the size of freckles. I remove them and flush them done to toilet. Then he says what the hell.... we look at me and I have over 400 of the mini ticks all over my body. I'm pale with freckles so I didn't notice them before. So we start pulling them off and finally have to take razor and scrap them off. unfucking believable. I didn't even feel them. But about 30 minutes after we get them all off and wash with rubbing alcohol. The itching and redness and swelling begin.

    I finally go to the doctor on Monday because it’s obvious that home cures are not helping much because of the sheer magnitude of my body covered - back, front, legs, arms, ankles. So I take off half a day on Monday and then all day tues and wed because my whole body is itchy and I have rotating hives. And it just feels better to sit in my underwear without my clothes touching all the spots.

    I told my friend - it's ironic we went for a hike/walk to start our healthy lifestyle off and I must have walked threw a tick nest

    I’m also surprised that I haven’t been having huge sugar cravings (its’ been 3 weeks since I’ve had a soft drink and I used to drink them all the time). I have had some diary and fruit this week.

    Well normally I would be napping when off work like that but I am just not tired at all.

    Nope - none- nada

    It is so weird and hopeful and hoping it lasts. Thanks for listening

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    Yes, welcome. I took before pics but wasn't brave enough to post them until I had an improved pic to post alongside. You are very smart to take action *before* you have lots of bad numbers and everything that goes along with them.

    Wow, that is quite a story about the ticks! Another reason why I am not the outdoorsy type. Good to hear about the other improvements though!
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    My Primal Journal:

    "...since our orthodox theories have not saved us we may have to readjust them to bring them into harmony with Nature's laws. Nature must be obeyed, not orthodoxy." Weston A. Price

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