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    Quote Originally Posted by sbhikes View Post
    Oh my god my boyfriend decided to surprise me. He made hot dogs (buffalo hotdogs with no nitrates or something like that) with bacon (Trader Joe's ends and pieces) and peppers and onions. Steamed veggies on the side. He thought I'd like it. I had a bacon-wrapped hot dog at a festival this weekend and it was really good. But this was like oh my god how much fat can any person eat? Ha ha. I'm laughing, not complaining. It was tasty but certainly proved that you can only eat so much fat before you are crying uncle, uncle. Please no more! I think I'm going to just lie on the couch for the rest of the evening. And laugh.
    We did bacon dogs for dinner last night, with a side of sweet potato mash. My husband loves me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldie View Post
    You've already overcome what can be the hardest hurdle--getting the spouse on board with the Plan. I wish my hubby would ditch some of his junk food!

    Basic advice:
    • Don't sweat the small stuff.
    • Cutting out grains, fast food, and soda takes care of the majority of things that are crap foods.
    • Be sure you read the ingredients in any packaged food. I've started the hubby doing this, too, and he says, "Damn, they put sugar in everything!"
    • Depending on the age of your kids, you may have to give in a little to things they're used to, especially if/when they're in school. There are some great recipes out there for non-grain cookies and other treats!
    • Search the forum for any topic you're interested in. There's a wealth of information here, but it's sometimes hard to find!
    • Keep smiling, and play!
    Thanks! great advice we already don't do fast foods-haven't in years, that stuff scares me! but once a month we do pizza. no soda or sugar in this house either....well at least i don't use it in any cooking or baking i do. DH is a total sugar addict (mainly ice cream!) so I think that will be a big challenge to overcome.

    Quote Originally Posted by tomi View Post
    Remember almost all of the advice in the forum comes from everyday people who are just trying to find the right balance for them. There are lots of body builder guys who will tell you how to carb up after a work out - or that you're just not trying hard enough if you aren't seeing the results that you want. Ignore them. Read the book and follow what Mark says. You'll be fine. And I agree -- the biggest hurdle is getting the spouse on board! My husband is my biggest downfall to staying on track! He steers me off course as often as he possibly can!
    LOL ok I'll ignore them In order to carb load after a workout, that means I'd have to workout haha. DH is pretty good with food changes and we both agree that now is the time to make this our lifestyle while our kids are little.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pedidoc View Post
    I agree getting husband on board is huge. Breast feeding should go well on primal. The fat content will transfer to your milk.
    I think it will just make it that much healthier

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    and bacon dogs...yummmm! going to have to try that soon. those are 2 of DH's favorite things!

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    It seems bacon-wrapped hot dogs with onions and peppers are the hot thing in Mexican street food. Not that there's a lot of Mexican street food allowed in Santa Barbara, but it was allowed last weekend and that's where we saw it. It's really good. In moderation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MamaJ7205 View Post
    Thanks! great advice we already don't do fast foods-haven't in years, that stuff scares me! but once a month we do pizza. no soda or sugar in this house either....well at least i don't use it in any cooking or baking i do. DH is a total sugar addict (mainly ice cream!) so I think that will be a big thing to overcome.
    Ditto with my DH! We bought an ice cream maker just last week, and he's on board with my experiments to try coconut milk ice cream sweetened with honey or maple syrup. Still sugar, but at least it's primal. I've only made one batch so far, with a traditional CW recipe, but that was to get an idea of a baseline on how well the machine works.

    I do eat pizza occasionally (once every four or five months) but it's high-quality with real cheese. I chalk it up to my 20% and don't stress about it. I've tried homemade pizza with almond flour crust, but haven't been successful at getting it to taste enough like CW pizza from our favorite pizza place. I think part of it is that someone else is making it!

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    after awhile of not eating any sugar or grains, you'll be amazed at how sweet fruits and veggies can taste. roasted red peppers are amazing, but apples and pears now are so sweet to me i can't eat them.

    there is a recipe floating around on-line that uses cauliflower as a crust for pizza. it's really good, but so much cheese i only made it once.

    myra's story was a good one and WOW she looks great.

    hope for me yet, lol.

    have been taking the dong quai almost 2 weeks, so it's probably too early to say for sure, but i feel less crampy (like, almost none) and my abdomen is less hard. it could take a few months for it to fully work its ancient chinese wonders. if this is the ticket and i can avoid surgery and more bungled cw intervention, i will be thrilled.
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    omg, Cauliflower pizza - why didn't I think of that? I love cauliflower. I found two on the web that seem interesting - one doesn't use cheese in the crust and the other does. Neither uses any parmesan, but I think that might make the "crust" a little crunchier.

    Cauliflower Crust Pizza | Stick a Fork in It

    Recipe: Cauliflower Crust Pizza | Greatist

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    For any menstruating women, I'm struggling with intense carb cravings right now and my period is expected any day now. I can't have carbs because I'm doing an anti-candida diet. I've got L-Glutamine, but haven't felt anything helpful from taking it. I'm full, I just had a few chicken drumsticks and I had a big breakfast AND lunch today, but I still feel like eating. Any tips? I'm drinking LOTS of water.
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    Distract yourself. Go for a walk, workout, work on a garden. Do something active so you aren't thinking about food.

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    Have a nice cold bottle of seltzer w/ a spritz of lemon.

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