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    My mom has the new atkins book and I was skimming it. The first phase is called induction where you are restricted in you total net carbs to 20g. You only do this for 2 weeks and then you slowly start adding carbs back in. Is this a good way to jumpstart fat loss or is one safe just to make sure they are below 50g per day?

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    I did Atkins *ahem* 10 years ago, and the induction worked for me in terms of losing weight.

    However, when I started eating the Primal way a few weeks ago, the weight started to come off, but I could also feel the ketosis, which I never could with Atkins.

    The difference being, I've completely cut out grains and dairy and it's much easier to get into ketosis (=not feeling hungry, no cravings) without crispbread, camambert and cream! And that's without being too strict about the carbs from veggies and nuts (I do keep an eye on fruits, though, only eating a small serving and not every day).

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    When I first went Primal I had a hell of a time fighting my carb cravings so I used the induction phase to make the change. I went cold turkey you might say. And it worked.

    If you go primal and can resist the carb cravings then you don't need to do this. If however you're having problems then there's no harm in giving it a go. But you have to be strict.

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