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Thread: Was Grok being stupid, or was he that smart?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Claraflo View Post
    You need to send a memo to my cat who parks his ars so close to fire his fur smoulders....could it be as simple as....

    Jeez that fire packs some heat and shit my arse freezes in winter with this ice and snow thing. You know what? Gonna get me some of that fire.

    But in principle I agree with you that quite possibly humans were and quite debatably still are the stupidest species on the planet. Hate to break it to you all kids but we are not the masters of the universe or even the planet.

    What other species messes with its own food supply and ends up killing itself enmasse? Our large brains give us puzzle solving ability but we display a surprising lack of actual intelligent thought on a daily basis. Not only that, but we appear to also be pathologically destuctive, destruction that serves no useful purpose to the ecology of the planet.

    I actually place the domestic house cat above humans in intelligence level. Afterall they've figured out how to acquire a house, food, and servants without ever working a day in their lives. They also can treat their providors like crap and somehow still live in the lap of luxury. There is no question of who the pillows belong to in my house.
    yes, it is obvious to both of us that the original author did not have a cat. They'll get as close to heat as they can without getting caught on fire. It is only their extreme laziness and lack of opposeable thumbs that keeps us doing all the fire-building. Yes, we may have discovered fire, but cats have discovered us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dsfhqlhlkq791 View Post
    The curious man is asking question
    The scientist is looking for answers
    The idiot thinks he already has the truth.....

    Wow. That's seriously deep. Like hitting rock bottom and starting digging deep.

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