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Thread: Was Grok being stupid, or was he that smart?

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    Was Grok being stupid, or was he that smart?

    I was watching a show on the History Channel several weeks ago and they were talking about the evolution of man and what we have discovered about human evolution. Something that stuck with me since I watched it was what they referred to as "the most important step that humans ever took".

    It was finding fire. The narrator expounded that humans were the first animals that did not run away from (and fear) fire. In fact, they still are the only animals in history that are not weary of and accepting fire. That in braving the unknown and utilizing fire, we most assuredly guaranteed our eventual survival. It allowed us to keep predators away at night, smoke meat so it could be stored longer, and enjoy a bit of warmth in winter.

    I agree that this makes sense, but the thought that has continually crept in my head since I watched it was, "Did they become masters of fire because they were curious and/or stupid (which can equate to a bad habit to have when survival is part of the game), or were they at a level of understanding where they knew what they were getting themselves into?"

    Of course, I am sure some Grok or Grokette didn't come along and say, "Hey, if we take this burning tree branch from lightning and keep it going, we will live safely and become rulers of the planet." Looking back now, it's easy to say it was a smart idea to approach a fire and learn to use it. But I can also understand how only a crazy person can walk up to such an amazing thing as fire and walk right up to it and see how it works.

    Did we, as humans, come to rule the top of the food chain because we used to be the dumb animals near the bottom of it and we got lucky?
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