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Thread: Bad Weather/Winter Exercise?

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    I'm not sure how much snow you get in your area, but snowshoeing is so fun! You can move at a slow pace, and warm up pretty quickly. I love being able to get out in the woods in winter. It is so beautiful and still. I'm working on learning the animal tracks, as well. Good luck! I'm in Maine, and it gets tough getting through the cold and dark winter months.

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    after i got stuck home for 5 days in heavy nasty windy rain, i got myself a decent hunting jacket. i always get hunting gear over flash tramping gear as you are out for a long time when you are hunting, you move constantly over all sorts of potentially exposed terrain and obstacles and have to be able to sprint. the hunting jacket wasnt cheap and i had to pay it off but it has been worth every cent. if you get a decent one like an under armour one, for example, it will pack down to the size of a water bottle too. at a push a decent army surplus gortex jacket could do but i found mine didnt breathe as well. so yeah, i just put my jacket on and a cap to keep my hair dry and i do it. you can always have a nice hot shower when you get home.

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    Ever thought of yoga? You don't even need a mat if you're not going to a studio. When I'm at home I normally just throw a few big towels down on the carpet as a sweat barrier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dishandspoon2008 View Post
    That's kinda my problem - I just stay home Winter sucks, and this cold disgusting rain we've been having is just plain foul. It's dark when I get up and get home from work, so even if it isn't nasty outside I'm not comfortable walking around the neighborhood in the dark as I have no cell phone.
    maybe carry a weapon with you at night

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    How tall are your ceilings? I have 10 foot ceileings and some tile so I jumprope inside soemtimges. If I had a kettlebell I could do that too. And there's always a TRX. I have one and they are great workouts.

    Or you could try "Convict Conditioning".

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    dado I have been meaning to get my concealed carry, but it's one of those things I push off and push off. this is a perfect reason, actually!

    I'm so glad that I posted this thread, because I've gotten so many good ideas for staying active. I'm thinking of maybe giving snowboarding a whirl, as after some investigation it doesn't seem like it's nearly as bad for the knees as I've always thought (I had surgery on my left 12 years ago and I am still such a wuss about it). hub has always loved it, but he's such a polar bear and wants nothing more in the world than to move to Alaska lol

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    Try good old Harvard bench step:
    Stand on a staircase. (or use a sturdy stepstool.)
    Step up right, step up left. Step down left, step down right. Repeat until Mark scolds you to stop it with the chronic cardio.
    You can walk it, jog it, sprint it, jump it, go up and down two steps, whatever. You'd be surprised how all-out you can go, and you have a railing to grab if you lose your balance.
    Also, check your diet -- my understanding is that you should be still losing weight slowly even if you do nothing.
    5'0" female, 45 years old. Started Primal October 31, 2011, at a skinny fat 111.5 lbs. Low weight: 99.5 lb on a fast. Gained back to 115(!) on SAD chocolate, potato chips, and stress. Currently 111.

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    I dont know about there but here in Louisville alot of churches have free indoor walking tracks you can use.

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