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Thread: Anything wrong with SCALLOPS?

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    i love them but they are expensive and i cant go harvest them in the wild anywhere near me. so for us they are a treat. i usually just fry them in butter or with bacon. or if they are in the shell just steam them in their own juices. the other thing you can do is cook up potatoes or something like cauliflower or sweet potatoes. herbs, garlic, tomatos in a fry pan. try to do it so as the potatoes are precooked so they are sorta wedges and the tomatoes are caramelised. then throw in some fish and when that is almost done, put in the scallops. squeeze lemon juice over it all to serve. we usually do this over a fire at the beach.
    the other thing is shellfish are a good source of selenium so i try to have some type of shellfish once a week.

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    Frozen scallops are not too bad when fried or dropped into something flavoursome. They tend to be smaller, but they're not at all rubbery; just need cooking through. Fresh scallops can be very lightly cooked.

    Yeah, all manner of goodness from shellfish - likewise, a couple of times a week: scallops, oysters, mussels, clams, razor clams, all gorgeous and such variety. Beef and shellfish works well in stews, particularly oysters and mussels.

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