Primal for years, and still dealing with the mayo issue. I really love mayo of all sorts but can't find a single commercial mayo that is acceptable. Even the 'healthy' options contain canola oil, even if they're branded as olive oil. I've tried making my own, but it is SO expensive. I don't like a strong olive oil flavor at all, so I've been experimenting with other oils, and recently hit on a recipe I really like. It's an adaptation of Mark's olive oil and ghee recipe- 1 local, pastured egg yolk, 3/4 cup first press avocado oil or macadamia oil, 5 TBSP of pastured ghee, lemon juice, dijon mustard. Unfortunately, a tiny bottle of either of those oils is about $16, and they don't hold much more than a cup. The ghee is $7 (or more if I make my own) and the pastured egg is .50. Not counting the little ingredients, I'm somewhere between $20-$25 for a recipe that makes one cup of mayo. Holy guacamole.

I know that fat ought to be expensive, but this just feels like a lot for mayo, but I also don't want to make it with crappy ingredients. I mostly want to use it to make chipotle ranch dressing and thousand island dressing (with homemade fermented ketchup). I've considered making animal fat mayo, and bacon mayo sounds really yummy, but the uncured bacon I find is so lean we hardly get any drippings from it. The only fat I have a lot of is tallow, which has a strong beefy flavor. Any suggestions on making high quality, mildly flavored mayo for a more reasonable price?