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Thread: can't afford to join box...pointers? page 2

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    You Are your Own Gym
    Convict Conditioning
    Al Kavadlo's website
    etc. - lots of places you can get info on getting fit without joining an obviously terrible xfit gym.
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    Quote Originally Posted by solovus View Post
    the only thing I really miss about the local CF box is their bumper plates...and damn they are expensive and yes I check craigslist regularly for them.
    CRAZY expensive. One of the few items I have not been able to find on the cheap or build myself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldsmith View Post
    That is ridiculous... you don't want to go to that place even if its free. Most CF Boxes are really cool about that kind of thing and totally inclusive of people of all skill and fitness levels.
    I was thinking the same thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RitaRose View Post
    I was thinking the same thing.
    +1 more.

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    Honestly, if they won't modify anything for you stay away. those guys are idiots and will end up getting sued. I wouldn't give it more than a year. I have a love hate relationship with CrossFit. I think for very fit, and very well instructed people, CF is a great mental and training challenge. However I have seen a lot of people go in, and come out hurt, Including well educated trainers. You best bet is to start with a basic body-weight routine and follow that until it no longer becomes a challenge. Make sure to research proper form, and balance your workouts. I see a lot of people on here trying to do 100 push-ups, but neglect to do any back work. That is a one way ticket to a blown rotator cuff. you have to balance muscle groups for proper fitness.

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    Thanks guys and gals. Getting very excited to get this together along with my husband. Do not worry he is very diligent about stretching before working out. He will make sure I do not get hurt. Thanks for all the advice. Def. will stay away from the local box.

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    That's what's kept me away from the one near me, too. I'm recovering from (it will never really be "gone") a bad disc.

    I really want to get into deads, clean and presses, and the other basic movements, but I'm actually quite terrified I'll screw myself up much worse in an environment like that. I actually haven't approached them and spoken with them, but I probably need to just pay a trainer to work on perfect form with me for a month or so for those movements, then just do 'em on my own.

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    Save your cash. If that is their attitudes then to heck with them. There are plenty of good alternatives.

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