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Thread: Cheap, primal living in the United States

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    Cheap, primal living in the United States

    Where is the best primal living in the United States? I am interested in cheap, local meats and produce that are easily accessible. I am from the northeast and it is certainly difficult and expensive to live more naturally in this area. Any suggestions would be great.

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    Local produce and meat is rarely ever 'inexpensive', but it's worth it (and if you intermittent fast, then you won't need to eat so much... ) Check out farmers markets and ask around about co-op ordering. There are also farmers from who you can buy 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 or a whole cow or pig, which you can pick up after slaughter and butchering. Good luck!

    Which State and area do you live in? People will probably be able to give you more exact suggestions if they know.
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    I live ridiculously cheap in my part of NY

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    madMUHHH > I did - became fanatic about what I ate at around age 16.. so you're not alone. My friends joked around a lot too.... but you'll keep joking about them, long after they're dead from nasty diet-related illnesses! ;-)

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