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Thread: BulletProof Coffee

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    Quote Originally Posted by primal bill-e View Post
    Well, with the recommended MCT oil over $1.00/oz., and 80 grams of Kerrygold, plus above average coffee, just how expensive is one serving of BPC? Six bucks or so? Just wondering.
    does sound costly per cup. bet those beans are costly !

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    This is the best coffee ever! And the butter doesn't seem to affect me in the same way milk/cream does, so yay! I use coconut oil since I don't have MCT.

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    Today I experimented to see if Bulletproof Tea are good as leftovers. My ultimate goal is to do an evening IF/leptin tune-up, so I figured that if I had bulletproof tea with a late lunch, that might help keep me full and no snacking at night. I don't want to make it fresh at work; it would look weird to haul in butter and coconut oil and a blender.

    So last night I made a double batch. 1/4 cup butter, 1.5 tablespoons coconut oil, 16 oz water, two teabags, stevia, foamed it up with the hand blender, and put half in the fridge in a microwavable lidded container. When it cooled, the butter rose to a semi-solid at the top. Today at work I heated it for 2 minutes and shook it up, and it was fine! If anything, it tasted a little better than when it was fresh. Now let's see if it staves off mental cravings tonight.

    Yesterday I made some ghee, so next time I'll try Bulletproof Tea with Ghee to see if that tastes different.
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    I have not tried Bulletproof coffee yet, just picked up unsalted Kerrygold so tomorrow will be the first. I did buy the beans from his website ("Upgraded Coffee"). They were very expensive, but I have to say the coffee has been really good. I drank more than my usual amount and did not feel any caffeine "jitters". Maybe he is on to something with the coffee beans. I would like to find other sources (online) that have coffee that meets his criteria (wet process, single estate, etc) but at a more reasonable price. If anyone finds something, let me know.

    (scroll down in this post to see his description).


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    I tried this twice during my week off last week. I used maybe 90-100g Kerrygold (a third of a stick?) with ~200g strong French press coffee, no coconut oil (might try that with my last third of the stick of butter). I liked it -- the coffee flavor came out more strongly than it does with half and half or whole milk, IMO.

    I have kind of a mental block about going through that much butter a week, though, especially when I'm usually still using the cheap stuff.
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    Hi guys - I'm Dave Asprey, and you're talking about my coffee!

    Here's the deal: Bulletproof Coffee is toxin-free coffee + grass-fed butter + MCT oil. It will rock your world. I adapted it from the Tibetan Yak butter tea I had on Mt. Kailash. (all that's on the site...) The MCT I use is here because it is the highest capric/caprylic blend there is, and that has the most health effects, and it gives the butter coffee a better mouth feel (aside from the effects on alzheimers and mental function...)

    I also wrote a detailed post for people looking to buy the cleanest coffee (besides mine) in their city explaining exactly how to do it. Good coffee online or offline costs about $16/bag, even from mass market vendors like Peet's. Mine is $18, and it's processed in a way even better than the wet process method, and exceeds Fair Trade standards. The wet process coffees are fermented for some amount of time, between 8 hours and several days, which introduces neuroactive chemicals from the fungus that ferments it (the strains are whatever grew on the beans - not scientifically controlled during green coffee processing). Those make you jittery, but less jittery than natural process green coffee (which sits in a field in the sun gathering whatever grows on it - or poops on it). Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee is mechanically processed, which means fresh water is used to agitate the beans until the outer layer is done, then they are dried quickly. A vanishingly small percentage of beans are processed with this superior, but more expensive method. If you can't find mechanical, wet is your best bet.

    If you put perfectly picked, properly grown arabica beans in to a mechanical process, the end result is the cleanest, most jitter-free, performance enhancing coffee you'll find. In a recent podcast, I cited research showing that 91.7% of coffee beans are contaminated with mycotoxin-forming fungi.

    It's priced so that if you buy a 5lb bag to freeze, you'll pay a little less than you would on a per-bag basis at your local coffee house, but you'll feel awesome and not jittery, and you'll reduce the negative effects of mycotoxins (which include cancer and heart disease and mental problems...)

    But seriously, read the posts on my site about how to find the best coffee in your city. I want people to feel good and do more. Life is to short for bad coffee that hurts performance. Drink Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee - or at least drink coffee that's better than the local green-logo swill. Your brain will thank you, and so will everyone else you who cares about you.

    To the guy who is using "cheap butter" - pony up the $2.79 per half lb of Kerry Gold. Huge difference in mental performance (and body composition!) And to French Press drinkers, check out the Hario V60 for about $12. As simple as a french press, but without the LDL-raising cafestol and kahweol.
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    Not quite! $1 for an ounce MCT + $.90 for 1/3 stick of kerry gold + $0.56 for Upgraded coffee (using SCAA below).

    So it's $2.46 per cup. Cut the MCT oil in half if you're on a budget, and it's less than $2 per cup.

    The SCAA defines 10 grams or .36 oz per cup as the proper measure for brewed coffee if using the American standards. If using Euro standards the measure is 7 grams per 125 ml

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    Some people use less than 80 grams (about 1/3 stick of Kerry Gold); use enough to stay satisfied for 6 hours.

    Macadamia oil is more likely to be rancid or have mold in it, which isn't what you want if you're losing weight. It tastes good, but it's questionable. The best nuts get sold. The defective (spoiled) ones get pressed for oil.

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    Too much MCT gives you the runs if you haven't had it before. Need to start slowly!

    There are 4 lengths of MCT oil - the "medium lengths". Coconut is 60% MCT (oils of those 4 lengths). But the best ones - capric and caprylic - are about 15% of the MCT in a tablespoon of coconut. I use MCT oil because I don't want to put 6 Tablespoons of coconut oil in to my coffee to get the benefits of 1 Tbs of MCT oil!

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    I traveled a lot in Tibet, which is why I thought of doing this! They use black tea + a pinch of salt plus yak butter. Wealthy (tourist accessible) places have a generator and blender. Poorer places use a hand churn. It is rejuvenating at high altitudes, but I don't recommend using black tea because of what it does to your kidneys. Better to use a chai or rooibos tea, which is what I do when I don't have coffee!

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