The Ninja is not a new exercise piece that I know of. But it is a great kitchen gadget I've had now for a few months. It's like the Magic Bullet, only better because the motor is more powerful, it has dual blades and it can do more.

I ate some Primal Jambalaya for dinner and felt like I needed a little more. I put 1 cup of frozen berries in the Ninja, added some cream and let it go to town. On the backend in less than 10 seconds I basically had Strawberry Ice Cream - Primal style.

I also use the Ninja to save dollars. I can buy 32 oz. of almonds at Target for about $9. I can use the Ninja to grind my almonds into Almond Flour. When 16 oz. goes for $10 and I can make my own - it adds up to big savings.

Anyone else use a Ninja or have other recipes you've used with it?